UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) Publicidad exterior NFC CHARITY STICKERS Cheil Hong Kong


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Sector Organizaciones benéficas, fundaciones, voluntarios , Human Rights
Media Publicidad exterior, vallas publicitarias, carteles, vehículos
Mercado Región Administrativa Especial de Hong Kong de la República Popular China
Agencia Cheil Hong Kong
Creative Director Paul Chan, Ong Shi Ping, Jay Lee
Art Director Ciff Luk, Teri Ng
Producer Billy Wai – Expressu, Brian Wong – Now Advertising Production Ltd.
Account Supervisor Jay Jeong, Eric Park, Irene Cheung, Jam Lee
Publicado octubre 2012

Creditos y descripciones

Advertiser: UNICEF HK
Category: Small Scale Special Solutions
Advertising campaign: NFC CHARITY STICKERS
Producer: Billy Wai – Expressu
Producer: Brian Wong – Now Advertising Production Ltd.
Account Supervisor: Irene Cheung
Copywriter: Paul Chan
Creative Director: Paul Chan
Art Director: Teri Ng
Art Director: Ciff Luk
Account Supervisor: Eric Park
Account Supervisor: Jay Jeong
Art Director: Shi Ping Ong
Creative Director: Shi Ping Ong
Other Credits: Digital Programmer: Aigens Technology Ltd.
Account Supervisor: Jam Lee
Copywriter: Jay Lee
Creative Director: Jay Lee

I'm a volunteer too.

Ambient Execution Description
THE HUMBLE CHARITY STICKER. Sold by volunteers to help raise funds every Saturday in Hong Kong since 1945. But with limited volunteers, working within a limited timeframe, only limited funds can ever be raised. So for the first time, we combined NFC technology with traditional stickers to create NFC CHARITY STICKERS. Stickers that do more than just show your support. They have the power to multiply. And turn every donator into an instant volunteer – all using the same simple action of donating for a sticker. No more. No less.Hong Kong embraced the project. It was championed by celebrities and the media, who helped us spread the word. Then in March 2013, we launched NFC CHARITY STICKERS with UNICEF and overnight, our instant volunteers spread throughout Hong Kong. Using the same simple action of donating for a sticker, we managed to turn every donator into a walking, talking volunteer.