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All Sue

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Sector HIV/AIDS (en)
Media Prensa, revistas y periódicos, Publicidad exterior, vallas publicitarias, carteles, vehículos
Mercado Francia
Agencia TBWA Paris
Art Director Olivier Mularski
Copywriter Philip Marchington, Lisa Shimotakahara, David Baldwin
Photographer Eric Troaré
Publicado junio 2016

Creditos y descripciones

Advertiser: Aides
Advertising Agency: TBWA\PARIS
Advertisers Handlers : Christian Andreo, Nathalie Gautier, Antoine Henry, Charmaine Da Costa Soares
Account Handlers: Anne Vincent, Véronique Fourniotakis, Marion Floch, Mirella Ghil
Executive Creative Directors: Benjamin Marchal, Faustin Claverie
Art Director : Olivier Mularski
Copywriter: David Philip
Art Buyer: Isabelle Jaubert
Print Producer: Laurence Collavini
Photographer: Eric Troaré
Body painter : Guido DANIELE
Retouching studio : CHIC Paris «Make love, not war » The new AIDES campaign signed by TBWA\Paris takes advantage of the 2016 Euro to remind everyone of this simple and universal message.And what if we loved eachother a little ? Until July 10th, the whole world will be flocking to France to be thrilled by football. Each day, hundrerds of thousands of people from dozens of different countries will celebrate the event, giving way to thousands of potential encounters. For AIDES, the message was immediate and obvious « blend together, safe together. » With this print campaign that is as explicit as it is artistic, and photographed by Eric Traoré, AIDES celebrates the universal value of love and reminds us of the importance to protect oneself from HIV. AIDES would like to remind people that the HIV epidemic is still very active in Europe and central Asia. 30% of HIV-positive people are still unaware that they carry the virus, and 142 000 new cases were diagnosed in 2014. The epidimec is even progressing in a disturbing way in Eastern Europe and in Russia, at an unprecedented rythm since the beginning of the 80s. As the disease is being trivialized, this campaign invites everyone to take care of themselves and of others. But this campaign goes further than a simple prevention message. By highlighting fraternity between people and countries, and celebrating all sexualities, AIDES stays true to its off-the-wall and provocative state of mind. « This message is all the more important in light of recent events », comments Aurélien Beaucamp, president of AIDES. « Apparently, some people continue to confuse sports competition and nationalist fever : this campaign is the best way to respond. A bit of love and lightness in a climate where reactionary temptations are raging can only do everyone some good », concludes Aurélien Beaucamp.
This campaign will be seen in print, web and outdoor