Nissan Publicidad impresa, Publicidad exterior Concrete TBWA\G1 Paris


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Sector Coches
Media Prensa, revistas y periódicos, Publicidad exterior, vallas publicitarias, carteles, vehículos
Mercado Francia
Agencia TBWA\G1 Paris
Executive Creative Director Eric Pierre
Creative Director Jocelyn Berthat
Art Director Joy Robin
Copywriter James Blose
Photographer Fabrice Bouquet
Publicado septiembre 2016


Clio Awards 2017
Integrated Campaign Product/Service Silver

Creditos y descripciones

NISSAN Europe : Martin Moll, Gaëlle Devitry, Andrea Bencelova, Michel Fromentin, Sophie Dyer
TBWA\G1 : Ewan Veitch, Philip Nunn, Anne-Françoise De Taillandier, Buu Tran, Franck Nguyen, Aurélie Crespo, Margaux Wanin
Category: Automotive
Media: Outdoor
Brand: Nissan
Agency: TBWA
Geo: France
European Executive Creative Director: Eric Pierre
Creative Director: Jocelyn Berthat
Art Director: Joy Robin
Copywriter: James Blose
Art Buyer: Marie Moulin
Photographer: Fabrice Bouquet
Retouching: Les Démons
President: Ewan Veitch
Brand Leader: Buu Tran
Account Director: Franck Nguyen
Account Manager: Aurélie Crespo
Account Executive: Margaux Wanin
Head Of Planning: Phil Nunn
Planner: Anne-Françoise De Taillandier
Art Buyer: Marie Moulin
Art Buyer: Carine Galluffo
Producer: Cathy Pericone
Director: Clément Lefer
Producer: Caroline Petruccelli
Post-Producer: Jennifer Bauche
Post-Producer: Mélanie Bernard
Music & Sound-Design Production Supervision: Thomas Anduze
Public Relations Director: Marie-Anne Tambuté
Photographer: Fabrice Bouquet
Set Decorator: Pascal Batteux
Vice President: Jean-Pierre Diernaz
Advertising Manager: Gaëlle Devitry
Section Manager: Andrea Bencelova
Ad Campaign from TBWA\G1 for Nissan’s Around View Monitor
Zis is a «oeuvre majeure» in ze history of moderne art.
Eric Pierre, European Executive Creative Director
TBWA\G1 would like to announce its latest work “PARKING IS NOT AN ART”, a european campaign for a Nissan technology that assists parking.
This work features the marks left on parking garage walls from cars that have parked without Nissan’s Around View Monitor technology. What appears to be brushwork on a canvas isn’t, because parking is not an art.
We all face the fear of scraping or denting our cars while parking in tiny spaces. But fear not thanks to Nissan’s Around View Monitor, a driving system that allows for seamless parking and manoeuvring. It uses four cameras to give the driver a virtual bird’s-eye view of their car in its surroundings.
“PARKING IS NOT AN ART” is a pan-European campaign conceived by TBWA\G1 completed with a series of prints, a demo video, a social media push, a CRM program, and POS displays.