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Sector Advertising agencies (en)
Media Prensa, revistas y periódicos, Promo / PR
Mercado Reino Unido
Agencia J. Walter Thompson London
Executive Creative Director Lucas Peon
Creative Director Jaspar Shelbourne
Creative Stefan Fosterling, Katia Schutz
Publicado marzo 2017

Creditos y descripciones

Category: Agency Self-Promo
Media: Print
Brand: JWT
Agency: JWT
Geo: United Kingdom
Advertising Agency: J. Walter Thompson, London, UK
Creatives: Katia Schutz, Stefan Foster
Executive Creative Director: Lucas Peon
Creative Director: Jaspar Shelbourne
Project Manager: Kate Madden
Account Director: Charlie Martyn
Planners: Dan Cameron, Rachel Pashley
Digital Strategist: Pierre-Henry Briec
Media Agency: Maxus
Media Agency Managing Director: Anna Hickey
Media Agency Chief Executive: Lindsay Pattison
Published: March 2017
Description: J. Walter Thompson created Female Tribes to change the cultural narrative around women, and specifically to champion Female Capital - the value that women bring to the world as women.
Taking away 25% is offensive. Yet globally women still earn a quarter less than men. Let's stop insulting women and close the pay gap.