Right to Privacy TWIN .digital collective Warsaw para Amnesty International

Right to Privacy

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Sector Human Rights
Media Prensa, revistas y periódicos
Mercado Polonia
Agencia TWIN .digital collective Warsaw
Creative Mateusz Felsmann, Andrzej Rogoń, Martyna Garbacz
Publicado abril 2017

Creditos y descripciones

Category: Public Interest, NGO
Media: Print
Brand: Amnesty International
Agency: TWIN
Geo: Poland
Advertising Agency: TWIN .digital collective, Warsaw, Poland
Creatives: Mateusz Felsmann, Andrzej Rogoń, Martyna Garbacz
Published: April 2017
For the first time in many years Amnesty International Polska decided to address the issues of current sociopolitical situation in Poland and fight recent restrictions of civil rights and freedoms.
The goal of the campaign was to show areas of concern (privacy rights, discrimination and politics of fear, judiciary independence, freedom of association, freedom of assembly, freedom of artistic expression) and point out a solution (donation of 1% of income tax). It was important not to address any specific events or directly criticize the government. That’s how "Endangered Species” came to life. The series explains important human issues while referring to the animal world. The metaphor of animals posing as humans is firmly rooted in "Aesop’s Fables" and remains apolitical at the same time.