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The Recipe is Simple, 2

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Sector Aceite, mantequilla
Media Prensa, revistas y periódicos
Mercado España
Agencia &Rosas
Executive Creative Director Isahac Oliver, Nacho Ginestra
Art Director Javier Eraso
Publicado mayo 2018

Creditos y descripciones

Media: Print
Category: Food
Client: Deoleo / Bertolli Olive Oil
Agency: &Rosàs
Production: Dora Joker
Country: Spain
Director: The Selby
Executive Creative Director: Isahac Oliver
Creative Director: Nacho Ginestra
Art Director: Javier Eraso
Producer: Patricia García
Account management: Kirsten Haack
Production management: Patricia García
Producer Post production: Cristina Arisó
Post-production: Glassworks
Sound studio: Glassworks
Musical composition: Trafalgar 13
Photographer: The Selby
Worldwide olive oil leader brand, Bertolli Olive Oil, starts unifying its strategic positioning internationally with a campaign intended for ‘informed foodies’: people who consider good quality food as the most important part of a healthy, happy life. This part of the population is composed of highly knowledgeable people that seek out new things in food and life, opting for personal experiences and connection with others over social status. Nowadays we are under stress and many times we feel the disconnection from our environment and our beloved ones. Bertolli stands as the antidote to our complex life and a complex cooking, as well. In a moment when we do not have many time, cooking should not be an added barrier but an enjoyment element. Multinational Deoleo’s worldwide creative agency for Bertolli Olive Oil, &Rosàs, starts its approach for the campaign unveiling a key insight: elaborate cooking creates pressure and anxiety, holding people back from cooking. In this context, &Rosàs has bet for a campaign that breaks up with the usual category communications. The starting point is the fact that food has everyday the power to keep people centred on the important things; getting people together and connected to its environment. The final slogan is ‘The Recipe is Simple’: the simplest things in life are usually the ones that connect with us the better and make us happier. This axiom is shown in the first published ads, which consist on graphic pieces settled in Germany, Finland and the Netherlands: ‘Salmon, olive oil & Fred. The Recipe is Simple’, where a diner appears accompanied by her cat friend; ‘Pasta, olive oil & fingers. The Recipe is Simple’, which shows a little child eating pasta with his hands, staring at the camera, and ‘Eggs any style, olive oil & Sunday rituals. The Recipe is Simple’, where we can see a young couple preparing a dish. All of them includes the brand claim ‘Simple Good Olive Oil. Since 1865’.