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Agencia d4 McCANN

Chief Creative Officer Ricardo Mendoza
Art Director Néstor Cifuentes
Publicado abril 2017

Creditos y descripciones

Agency: d4 McCANN

Campaign title: After
Client: Vive Condoms
Product: Condones Clímax Delay

CCO: Ricardo Mendoza
Copy writer: Ricardo Mendoza
Art director: Nestor Cifuentes
Account: Daniela Molina
Production: Carlos Villaseca
Illustration Artist: Nestor Cifuentes
Client approval: Sussy Lungo / Jorge Rivas
d4 McCann Guatemala Creates Cheeky Campaign For Vive Condoms
Clever Print Ads Celebrate Product That Offers “Climax Delay”
Guatemala City, 27 April, 2017 -- d4 McCANN has launched a series of four funny and provocative print ads for its client, Vive Condoms, to promote the brand’s new “Climax Delay” version.
The work uses clever and provocative visuals to explore the many benefits for the product’s climax delay benefit, with each of the images geared to a classic icon of masculinity – automobiles, outer space, surfing and trains. Each of these iconic images contain a silhouette of a Vive condom. Inside each silhouette the environment is calm and controlled, while outside the silhouette the action marches rapidly to its climax.