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Sector Whiskey
Media Prensa, revistas y periódicos
Mercado España
Agencia Doubleyou
Executive Creative Director Daniel Solana
Creative Director Luis Gaitán
Art Director Blanca Piera, Ilaria Totaro
Copywriter Xavi Sole
Designer Amparo Perez, Isabel Espona
Publicado octubre 2009

Creditos y descripciones

Category: Foods and Drinks
Advertiser: DIAGEO
Product/Service: CACIQUE
Date of First Appearance: Oct 1 2009 12:00AM
Entrant Company: DOUBLEYOU, Barcelona, SPAIN
Entry URL: http://festivals.doubleyou.com/2010/cacique_plantas/cannes.html
Executive Creative Director: Daniel Solana (DoubleYou)
Creative Director: Luis Gaitán (DoubleYou)
Account Director: Carmina Serrano (DoubleYou)
Account Manager: Angela Linés (DoubleYou)
Account Manager: Luis Ortiz (DoubleYou)
Client Services Director: Ana Espejo (DoubleYou)
Art Director: Blanca Piera (DoubleYou)
Art Director: Ilaria Totaro (DoubleYou)
Designer: Amparo Pérez (DoubleYou)
Designer: Isabel Espona (DoubleYou)
Copywriter: Xavi Solé (DoubleYou)
Production Director: Beatriz Martin (DoubleYou)
Interactive Director: Sara Mayoral (DoubleYou)
Isabel Losada: Technical Director (DoubleYou)
Client-Side Programmer: Francesc Bonet (DoubleYou)
Client-Side Programmer: Nahuel Scotti (DoubleYou)
Multimedia Designer: Toni Domínguez (DoubleYou)
Multimedia Designer: Tiago Varandas (DoubleYou)
Agency Producer: Eugenia Esquerdo (DoubleYou)
3D & Motion Graphics: TAVO (Toch Studio)
English Synopsis
A campaign involving banners that aren’t exactly banners.A format based on the beauty of plants, with animation, life-like behaviour and movement.No logo. No copy. No call-to-action.They've been generated by thousands of users, described in their own words and published on their blogs and social network pages.Their aim was to share an experience they had had on the Internet with their friends and readers.These self-created banners multiplied and propagated themselves by their own merit alone, without needing any media strategy, and invited people to explore the jungle at www.roncacique.com without the use of any advertising.