Europe Doesn’t Have to Be Part of the Deal McCann Tel Aviv para El Al

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Europe Doesn’t Have to Be Part of the Deal

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Sector Aerolineas
Media Prensa, revistas y periódicos
Mercado Israel
Agencia McCann Tel Aviv
Creative Director Dror Nachumi
Art Director Yaniv Zaguri
Copywriter Dor Waintrob
Illustrator Jenya Taran
Publicado enero 2018

Creditos y descripciones

Category: Transport
Media: Print
Brand: EL AL
Agency: McCann
Geo: Israel
Advertising Agency: McCann Tel-Aviv, Israel
Chief Creative Director: Nadav Pressman
Creative Director: Dror Nachumi
Art Director: Yaniv Zaguri
Copywriter: Dor Waintrob
Illustrator: Jenya Taran
Published: January 2018
EL AL, Israel’s national airline, presents a new ad that takes politics to the sky.
The print ad, by McCANN Tel-Aviv, features Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyhu and President Donald Trump shaking hands – with counselor Angela Merkel positioned upset, behind them.
By tapping into a monumentally important moment in the Israeli-USA delicate relationship, EL AL is able to highlight a significant value offering: the chance to skip Europe and fly all the way to the land of dreams, with no grueling stops, which creates a highly convenient and valuable flight experience. EL AL is the only airline to offer this option of direct flight from North America to Israel and vice versa - and the campaign main goal is to proclaim exactly that. While others make deals that don’t necessarily do any good for the people (both in politics as well as in flights), EL AL understands that sometimes, you can (and should) just skip the middle-man.
This very precise situation presented in the ad, borrowed from the political scene into the airline industry, leverages EL AL’s positive connection created between Israel and U.S.A in a witty and creative way.
Europe doesn’t have to be part of the deal