Mom Iris Jakarta para IKEA


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Sector Muebles para el hogar , Centros comerciales
Media Prensa, revistas y periódicos
Mercado Indonesia
Agencia Iris Jakarta
Creative Director Albert Chan
Art Director Wilson Ariyaduta
Copywriter Adri Zainuddin
Illustrator Martina Paukova
Publicado marzo 2017

Creditos y descripciones

Advertised brand: IKEA
Advert Title(s): Human Furniture (Mom, Dad and Boyfriend)
Media: Print – Magazine Press Advertising
Advertising Agency: iris Jakarta, Indonesia
Creative Director: Albert Chan
Art Director: Wilson Ariyaduta
Copywriter: Adri Zainuddin
Illustrator: Martina Paukova
Producer: Purwono
Account Planning Team: Irvan Permana, Ika Nawang Wulan
Headline and copy text: Human Furniture
Date: March, 2017
We created a series of print ads – showcasing on how various IKEA Furnitures can replace your personal problem people have been having daily, in an interesting and insightful way. Most Indonesians see furniture as something that just fills the house, but not necesarilly as a solution to their problems.