Media Monitoring Agency Ng Publicidad impresa Save The Trees: Forest Gump Grey Bucharest

Save The Trees: Forest Gump

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Media Prensa, revistas y periódicos
Mercado Rumanía
Agencia Grey Bucharest
Publicado mayo 2007


Golden Drum 2007
Outdoor Advertising Campaigns Golden Watch Award
Advertising Campaigns Advertising Campaigns Golden Watch Award

Creditos y descripciones

Description / Synopsis
This campaign was developed by Grey Bucharest for an NGO called The Media Monitoring Agency, that was actively fighting for environmental causes for the past 7 years. The theme this time was the effect of massive deforestation in Romania.
The aim of this campaign was to draw public attention to the existence and, above all, the effects of abusive deforestation happening for the past 10 years throughout Romania.
The long-term objectives where - and still are - educating the younger generation in respecting the natural resources and influencing the public authorities towards using law enforcement in punishing the abusive deforestation and eliminating the exceptions.
The short-term objective was bringing the problem on both public and private, individual agendas, making people realize the issue and put social pressure against it.
On top, our client was looking for people to volunteer to take part in a big planting event.
Like most appeals on environmental issues, this one too would have passed unnoticed by a public that feels other major problems pressing their agenda. That is why we chose to communicate it differently, from the very idea to every following execution.
Building on the insight " forest means life", we shaped the campaign idea into "He who kills a tree, kills a person."
Title: "Save the Trees"
Agency: Grey Worldwide, Bucharest
Advertiser: Agentia de Monitorizare a Presei
Brand Name: Media Monitoring Agency NGO
Product Name: Agency for Press Monitoring
Date of First Publication: 8/5/2007
Country: Romania