Michelin Publicidad impresa Road map, 1 Havas 360 Puteaux

Road map, 1

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Sector Tyres (en)
Media Prensa, revistas y periódicos
Mercado Francia
Agencia Havas 360 Puteaux
Executive Creative Director Dima Kronfol, Thomas Derouault
Creative Director Stephane Lecoq - Alban Penicaut
Art Director Marielle Postec
Illustrator Matthew Cusick
Publicado mayo 2014


The New York Festival, 2015
Print Craft: Illustration THIRD PRIZE AWARD

Creditos y descripciones

Brand: Michelin
Media: Print
Category: Automotive
Agency: Havas
Geo: France
Michelin: Road map, 1
We make maps so that you can look elsewhere.
Known as the reference company in the tourism & travel industry, Michelin has put its century of knowledge and expertise to good use for travelers mobility. That statutory image has turned Michelin into the legitimate spokesperson of a brighter speech, beyond technical performances and products selling points. Much more than a piece of paper, each Michelin map is an invitation to travel, an open door to bountiful landscapes, sensations and experiences.
Advertising Agency: HAVAS 360, Puteaux, France
Executive Creative Director: Thomas Derouault
Creative Director: Alban Penicaut
Art Director: Marielle Postec
Copywriters: Florent Roux et Marc Hoffmann
Illustrator: Matthew Cusick
Agency Producers: Anne Mascorda, Cécile Ousset
Published: April 2014