People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (PETA) Publicidad impresa #BanTheExploit - Leather Miami Ad School New York

#BanTheExploit - Leather

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Sector Las cuestiones ambientales y de los animales
Media Prensa, revistas y periódicos
Mercado Estados Unidos
Agencia Miami Ad School New York
Creative Director James Wohl
Art Director Nelson Lopes
Copywriter Shreya Nair
Publicado julio 2017

Creditos y descripciones

Category: Public Interest, NGO
Media: Print
Brand: PETA
Agency: Miami Ad School
Geo: United States
Advertising School: Miami Ad School, New York, USA
Creative Director: James Wohl
Art Director: Nelson Lopes
Copywriter: Shreya Nair
Published: July 2017
Every year, millions of animals are killed for the clothing industry—all in the name of fashion. Realizing people follow trends blindly, we created a print campaign that opens your eyes with a very simple yet powerful message.
Leather is inhumane.