Sanctuary Nature Foundation Publicidad impresa Intestine JWT Hyderabad


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Sector Las cuestiones ambientales y de los animales
Media Prensa, revistas y periódicos
Mercado India
Agencia JWT Hyderabad
Chief Creative Officer Senthil Kumar
Executive Creative Director Shyamsunder Goud, Hari Vedala
Art Director Shyamsunder Goud
Copywriter Shyamsunder Goud
Publicado marzo 2017

Creditos y descripciones

Rivers are victims of our negligence. The mindless dumping of waste is leaving an indelible impact that cannot be fixed even by nature. Agency:JWT: Hyderabad
Media: Print
Category: Public services & utilities
Client: Sanctuary Nature Foundation
Agency: JWT Hyderabad
Country: India
Managing Director: Ram Gedela
Chief Creative Officer: Senthil Kumar
Executive Creative Director: Shyamsunder Goud
Executive Creative Director: Hari Vedala
Art Director: Shyamsunder Goud
Copywriter: Shyamsunder Goud
Retoucher: vijay nanaware
Published: March 2017
Even nature can't digest everything.