Deutsche Telekom Promo, Case study TWITTER-REPORTER Weber Shandwick London


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Sector Telecomunicaciones
Media Promo / PR, Case study
Mercado Reino Unido
Agencia Weber Shandwick London
Publicado marzo 2011

Creditos y descripciones

Category: Technology and Manufacturing
Head of Communications (Germany): Dr Markus Jodl (Deutsche Telekom)
Associate Director: Robert Koch (Weber Shandwick)
Senior Account Manager: Eva Antl (Weber Shandwick)
Account Executive: Susann Kobs (Weber Shandwick)
Acount Executive: Nathalie Spanier (Weber Shandwick)
Corporate Communications (North Region): Stefanie Halle (Deutsche Telekom)
Corporate Communications (East Region): Georg Von Wagner (Deutsche Telekom)
Corporate Communications (South Region): Udo Harbers (Deutsche Telekom)
Corporate Communications (Region West): Andre Hofmann (Deutsche Telekom)
Media placement: Social Media Coverage - Twitter - 1st March 2011
Media placement: Online Coverage - Various Including Hamburger Morgenpost, Der Tagesspiegel and - 1st March 2011
Summary of the Campaign
Telecoms giant Deutsche Telekom wanted to transfer its brand promise Life is for sharing into the real world with an emotional campaign platform targeting young adults.
Deutsche Telekom already owned some desirable sponsorship properties, so why not run competitions to give consumers VIP access to music and sporting events? But its PR team knew that giving consumers once-in-a-lifetime experiences is no longer enough. In the era of Twitter and Facebook, experiences are only worth something if they are shareable. The strategy was to capture young people’s need to share the best moments of their lives with their social networks, and put Twitter at the heart of the campaign.
The Twitter-Reporter campaign gives consumers - selected by competitions with media partners - a taste of the celebrity lifestyle at exclusive events ranging from Oktoberfest to a Katy Perry record release and the FIFA Women’s Soccer World Cup. The winners share their experiences and favourite moments by tweeting as ‘Twitter-Reporters’.
The clever, creative campaign is a win for Deutsche Telekom, its media partners and consumers. In an elegant bit of circularity, it also activates the company’s sponsorships. The promise, that Life is for sharing, is made tangible, and amplified several times over for each event.
The campaign has a total-to-date OTS of 144.8m. It has moved perceptions of Deutsche Telekom away from its state-owned past, engaged the audience on their own terms, created brand advocates, positioned the company as an innovative enabler, and truly brought Deutsche Telekom’s brand promise to life.
The Situation
How do you get consumers to see a previously state-owned telecoms behemoth as an exciting technology company that enables them to experience and share some of the best moments of their lives?
This was the challenge that Deutsche Telekom, one of the world's leading telecommunications companies, set its PR agency, as it sought to translate its brand promise, 'life is for sharing', into the real world.
The Task: go beyond PR to develop a creative campaign that would blend media relations, media partnerships, social media, experiential marketing, and sponsorship amplification, to bring the brand promise to life for German consumers.
The Goal
The Objectives:
• Communicate effectively with digitally-interested consumers aged 18-35;
• Reach the audience on an emotional level, encouraging and enabling them to share some of the coolest moments of their lives;
• Position Deutsche Telekom as a modern tech company: an innovative enabler for the mobile, digital, global society.
The team used social media monitoring tools and strategic planning to identify suitable media partners to reach the target audience of young adults, especially active social media users who attend music and sports events. The campaign also targeted national and regional print and online journalists, and social media experts.
The Strategy
The challenge was to come up with an original platform that would turn social media users into brand ambassadors for a company that was not seen as modern or innovative.
Deutsche Telekom already owned some desirable sponsorship properties: why not run some competitions to give consumers VIP access? But the agency knew that even giving consumers once-in-a-lifetime experiences was not enough. In the era of Twitter and Facebook, experiences are only worth something if they are shareable. The strategy was therefore to position Twitter at the heart of the campaign.
The central creative idea was that Deutsche Telekom gives consumers - selected by competitions with selected online, print, TV and radio partners - a taste of the celebrity lifestyle, with VIP entry to exclusive events, including a number of Deutsche Telekom sponsorship properties. The winners would then share their experiences and favourite moments by tweeting as ‘Twitter-Reporters’ on @t_reporter.
The team draws up a calendar of festivals, music and sporting events, including Oktoberfest, the Berlinale film festival, a Katy Perry record release, gigs by popular singers such as Robyn, the Extreme Playgrounds extreme sports showcase and the Gamescom event for computer games fans.
The chosen media partners announce competitions to win the chance to be a Twitter-Reporter for the day. The announcements are also made on - re-launched on Tumblr in February 2012 - the Twitter channel, and dedicated Facebook fanpage.
The competition winners are equipped with smartphones and briefed on hashtags and keywords. At the events, the Twitter-Reporters share their favourite moments in 140 characters via a dedicated Twitter-Reporter channel.
Media partners amplify coverage using their own Twitter channels. Separate channels have been created for events such as the FIFA Women’s World Cup @herzrasen11, an event where Twitter-Reporters had the chance to meet the soccer stars.
Documented Results
The project goes beyond paid or earned media. With consumer engagement at its heart it has made Life is for sharing tangible. By engaging the audience via their preferred channels, Twitter-Reporter is moving perceptions of Deutsche Telekom from a hulking giant of a former state-owned institution, to an innovative technology enabler, a result supported by TNS research that showed Twitter followers ranking the brand ‘positive’ in terms of modern communication engagement.
Successfully activating event sponsorships, the campaign is a win for the brand, and its media partners. For every event, the brand claim is amplified many times by the company, media, consumers and followers:
• 225 Twitter-Reporters have participated in 58 events;
• 144.8m OTS to date: 142.1m traditional media, 2.7m social media;
• The 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup initiative - traditional media 87m OTS, social media 1.5m OTS;
• Brand mentions in 100% of traditional media coverage.