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Sector Coches
Media Promo / PR, Case study
Mercado Brasil
Agencia Today
Creative Director Elisa Gorgatti, Bruno D'angelo
Copywriter Fausto Vieira
Producer Inês Lotufo, Taiana Dutra
Publicado noviembre 2012

Creditos y descripciones

Agency: TODAY
Category: Automotive and Transport
Creative Director: Bruno D'angelo (Today)
Copywriter: Fausto Vieira (Today)
Producer: Inês Lotufo (Today)
Creative Director: Elisa Gorgatti (Today)
Motion Designer: Guilherme Neder (Today)
Music Right's Management: Josy Ane Siqueira (Dueto Produções)
Producer: Taiana Dutra (Today)
Director Of Client Services: Ana Beatriz Rainer (Today)
Client Services: Guto Cunha (Today)

Situation: The contrasts in Brazil are fading. What once divided classes, like culture and references, are now the same. Problem: Mercedes-Benz sells to a small group of people. Digital communication has a limited amount of investment. It's a challenge to reach a large number of people with a little budget.Opportunity: All A Class communication is bold and innovative. At the same time - "Passinho do Volante"– had already had 25 million views on Youtube. It's lyrics, say something like 'turning to one side, turn to the other side, it's the steering wheel song". We had to put this together.

Campaign Description
This little Youtube video, made all the major digital headlines on it's debut because of it's contrast. We dare to mix a very popular song – that came from the streets of Rio de Janeiro – with a very high class brand, Mercedes-Benz on the release of the New A Class.We meant to create this contrast, first to reach the larger group of people – by making it viral – and second to show this superior car, with an price that most of people could afford, for the first time in Brazil.We reached 1 million views in less than 24 hours. And the client, over the end of the week, had to create a waiting list for the car. Never Mercedes-Benz had such a brand recall in Brazil.It's a new car for a new Brazil.Key 'PR' elements:- High number of spontaneous media – no paid media – both in social media and news media;- Brand exposed to large number of people, through positive opinion of specialized vehicles;- Most commented automotive brand launch of the month.

US$ 4,469,642.61 in Earned mediaFirst week results:YOUTUBE: 2,591,973 view / 4,225 comments / 11.363 likes / 116 copies / Most viewed for 3 days;FACEBOOK: 23,776 shares / 12,886 comments;TWITTER: 6,869 Tweets;BLOGS: 589 posts / 1,754 comments;FORUMS: 346 discussionsNEWS MEDIA ON LINE: 57 articles, 2 newspaper articles and 2 magazine columns.We identified a growth of 300% on digital sales leads – people entering in chat to buy the car – and 71,769 visits on the hotsite, more than ten times the usual for the period.But the bigger impact is the waiting list for people that wants the car. Dealers told the Marketing department that the stores were filled with people – mostly families – and the ones that didn't want to way, end up buying the B Class with a huge discount.It's a first for Mercedes-Benz in Brazil

Client Brief Or Objective
Goals: To make people take notice on the New A Class release. Target: The New A Class is a new platform from Mercedes-Benz, and it needs to talk to a new audience. Male/female, 25-40 years old, AA, A and B classes. It's a entry car in Mercedes-Benz fleet. In Brazil it's a car that some can buy for the first time.Research: We studied all world communication for the A Class. Then we visited bars where the audience go to party. Once we notice that Rio's Funk already was a part of their life, we knew that we had something.

The launch party happened at 8:30 PM on a Wednesday, at the same time the video was posted. At 10 PM the first post about it appear. It was negative. In the next morning we already had 100,000 views on Youtube and 500 shares on Facebook, mostly positive. By 12 AM Thursday, the creative team and Mercedes-Benz marketing manager was already giving interviews about the video and the car.BMW fans did a response for the video, that created even more views and comments about Mercedes-Benz car, and the only thing we had to do, was to put the rest of the campaign in the air.

To release the video on a party to key opinion people for the target and hours later released on YouTube. Prepare a press release for any kind of comment or problems that could appear on the way. No investment on paid media was made for this video.After what we expected, the campaign – with price and data about the car – would be released.