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Sector Coches
Media Promo / PR, Case study
Mercado Panamá
Agencia Tribu DDB Panama
Copywriter Manuel Bordé, Ioannis Kalormakis
Publicado marzo 2011

Creditos y descripciones

Category: Best Use of Social Media Marketing
Advertiser: PEUGEOT
Product/Service: PEUGEOT
General Creative Director: Manuel Bordé (Tribu DDB Panamá)
General Creative Director: Javier Mora (Tribu DDB)
Copywriter: Manuel Bordé (Tribu DDB Panamá)
Copywriter: Ioannis Kalormakis (Tribu DDB Panamá)
Art Direction: Diego Florez (Tribu Ddb Panamá)
Art Direction: Gabriel Arosemena (Tribu DDB Panamá)
Art Direction: Andres Rivera (Tribu DDB Panamá)
Art Direction: Manuel Cortés (Tribu DDB Panamá)
General Manager: José Cárdenas (Tribu DDB Panamá)
Account Director: Argelis Barahona (Tribu DDB Panamá)
President: Vivian Fernandez De Torrijos (Tribu DDB Panamá)
Art Direction: Juan Camilo Galindo (Tribu DDB)
Digital Planner: Andres Chavarro (Darwin)
President: Jorge Oller (Tribu DDB)
Media placement: Social Media Profile - Pinterest - 1st March

Insights, Strategy & the Idea
1. Drive traffic to Peugeot Panama´s website and Facebook fan page, increase interactions in their social networks and let people know about the features of their cars.

2. Target: Men and Women over 18, frequent users of technology and gadgets, culture seekers and open to interpersonal relationships, passionate for good taste and challenges.

3. The extraordinary and uncommon association made with the features of each car and the puzzle challenge to drive engagement.

4.We managed to reach an audience that spreads what it likes and this is immediately perceived by the client with the interaction on Pinterest, the increase on website visits and time spent on site and also the increase on existing social media profiles from Peugeot (Fb and Tw).

Creative Execution
We opened a profile in Pinterest and showcased Peugeot´s cars in a cool and interactive way, creating boards for each car emphasising the main feature, and inviting people to pin on them. We linked these boards with and twitter and we created a puzzle contest, where we asked people to find the missing pieces in the website or the Facebook fan page.

- We exchanged content associating each feature in a simple way with all the extraordinary images and content you can find on the web and Pinterest, and created interaction and engagement with the audience by searching (digitally) for the missing pieces to complete the puzzle.

Results and Effectiveness
After a month, Peugeot Panama had a giant amount of media impressions, blog reviews (including Ad Age and Mashable), and twitter feed. Which built for Peugeot Worldwide as a trendy and cool brand, all this from a tiny country.

We had an interactive, emotional and direct communication that led to over 50,000 interactions on Pinterest, (impressive for a relatively new social media), 320% increase on FB and 182% increase of twitter followers.

We drove more people to Peugeot Panama´s website with longer average time spent on site that went from 4.30 minutes to 24.30 minutes per person