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Asics: BOOTS

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Sector Anuncios de servicio público , Diferencias étnicas, problemas de minorías, personas con discapacidad
Media Promo / PR
Mercado Brasil
Agencia Babel Sao Paulo
Creative Ricardo Chester, Roberto Fernandez, Solon Miranda
Publicado junio 2011


Cannes Lions 2011
Media Lions Charities, Public Health & Safety, Public Awareness Messages Bronze

Creditos y descripciones

Type of Entry: Product & Service
Category: Charities, Public Health & Safety, Public Awareness Messages
Advertiser/Client: ASICS
Product/Service: ANTI RACISM
Entrant Company: BABEL Sao Paulo, BRAZIL
Advertising Agency: BABEL Sao Paulo, BRAZIL

Creative: Ricardo Chester (Babel)
Creative: Solon Miranda (Babel)
Media: Luis Gini (Babel)
Media: Lenira Brito (Babel)
Client: Giovani Decker (Asics)
Client: Andrea Longhi (Asics)

Results and Effectiveness:
Gameday morning: the newspaper ad created an expectation about what would happen during the game.
This could be verified by the great repercussion in social media channels. During the game, the stunt was singled out and explained to the audience by the announcer.
On monday, in TV sports programs, the stunt continued to be mentioned spontaneously. The same thing happened in the social media sphere.
Creative Execution:
Choose an idol as a spokesman to represent the concept that boots of different colors mean that there's no place for race prejudice in sports.
Channels: just one newspaper ad in gameday.
Insights, Strategy and the Idea:
Objective: spread a message against racism in soccer.
Target audience: Brazilian soccer fans. National broadcast in primetime TV.
Insight: Boots of different colors symbolizing that there's no place for race prejudice in sports.
Relevance: deliver a strong message. That ASICS, and everybody that truly love soccer, won't stand racism.