Discovery Channel Promo, Case study DISCOVERY BUTTON Salles Chemistri Sao Paulo


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Sector TV/Radio Programas
Media Promo / PR, Case study
Mercado Brasil
Agencia Salles Chemistri Sao Paulo
Creative Director Hugo Rodrigues, Caio Grafietti E Alessandro Cassulino
Art Director Kevin Zung
Copywriter Luís Felipe Figueiredo E Antonio Correa
Producer Rita Carolina Vilarim, Thiago Loureiro, Emerson Russo
Photographer Thiago Antonovas
Account Supervisor Paula Schubach
Publicado mayo 2013

Creditos y descripciones

Category: Best Use of Ambient Media: Small Scale
Advertising campaign: DISCOVERY BUTTON
Videocase Production: Andrea Barreto (Publicis Salles Chemistri)
Creative Director: Alessandro Cassulino (Publicis Salles Chemistri)
Art Director: Antonio Correa (Publicis Salles Chemistri)
Producer: Emerson Russo (Publicis Salles Chemistri)
Videocase Production House: Margarida Filmes (Margarida Filmes)
COO/CCO: Hugo Rodrigues (Publicis Salles Chemistri)
Creative Director: Hugo Rodrigues (Publicis Salles Chemistri)
Producer: Rita Vilarim (Publicis Salles Chemistri)
Art Director: Kevin Zung (Publicis Salles Chemistri)
Copywriter: Luis Felipe Figueiredo (Publicis Salles Chemistri)
Videocase Production: Mayane Milinavicius (Publicis Salles Chemistri)
Production: Yes Mobile (Yes Mobile)
Post Production: Arizona (Arizona)
Production: Hugo Miguel (Mockup 10)
Account Manager: Marcos Vinício (Publicis Salles Chemistri)
Videocase Production: Tato Bono (Publicis Salles Chemistri)
Post Production: Burti HD (Burti HD)
Account Supervisor: Paula Schubach (Publicis Salles Chemistri)
Photographer: Thiago Antonovas
Producer: Thiago Loureiro (Publicis Salles Chemistri)

In a partnership with a major Pay TV Operator in Brazil, we modified its remote controls, adding an unusual button to it. We called it Discovery Button, a button that transports viewers directly to our channel, turning it into an easy and handy choice.

The Discovery Button keeps reminding the viewers to check out our channel every time they turn on the TV. Since February 2013, when the remotes were released, Discovery Channel has registered an 18% increase in its ratings versus the previous year. And by the monthly average of 10,000 new subscriptions on the Pay TV Operator, new clicks are to come.

Everyday more than 200 channels compete for the viewer’s attention on Pay TV. To make Discovery Channel stand out among so many options, we decided to explore a media that is always within reach of viewers, but had never been used before – the remote control.