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Sector Vodka
Media Promo / PR
Mercado España
Agencia Proximity Madrid
Creative Director Alba Vence
Art Director Rodrigo Chaparreiro, Paco Jiménez
Copywriter Anna Soler
Producer Sigfrid Mariné
Publicado junio 2011

Creditos y descripciones

Category: Best Online Advertising in a Promotional Campaign
Product/Service: VODKA
Creative Executive Director: Eva Santos (CP Proximity)
Creative Director: Alba Vence (CP Proximity)
Creative Supervisor: Ferran Lafuente (CP Proximity)
Copywriter: Anna Soler (CP Proximity)
Art Director: Rodrigo Chaparreiro (CP Proximity)
Art Director: Paco Jimenez (CP Proximity)
Developer: Ruben Mejias (CP Proximity)
Developer: Gerard Albañell (CP Proximity)
Account Director: Alba Cristóbal (CP Proximity)
Account Executive: Alicia Viñals (CP Proximity)
Producer: Sigfrid Mariné (CP Proximity)
Media placement: Website - online - 1st June 2011
Media placement: emailing - Data Base - 1st June 2011
Media placement: Mobile App - App Store - 1st June 2011
Media placement: Flyers - Street - 1st June 2011
Media placement: Posters - Street - 1st June 2011
Media placement: Vinilated Car - Street - 1st June 2011
Media placement: Facebook Tab - Facebook - 1st June 2011
Media placement: Radio - Local radios - 1st June 2011
Describe the objective of the promotion.
In Spain, young people meet up to drink in the streets before going out. They buy alcohol at supermarkets (especially vodka) and drink it in parks, squares and streets. With the current recession, this phenomenon is constantly growing.
Eristoff Vodka, the third vodka brand in Spain, positioned as an inexpensive and barely differentiated brand, was suffering a significant decline in sales due to the growth of store brands, which are cheaper on the shelves.
The objective: to take Eristoff to the real place of consumption by its audience, the street, and obtain their involvement in a major digital project.
Describe how the promotion developed from concept to implementation.
Eristoff Night Street View: The Street View that shows you in 360º vision what happens on the streets of Spain at night. Uncensored.
We acquired a car like Google Street View’s: the Wolf Car. But unlike Google, the Wolf Car had to take photographs... almost without light.
We toured over 430 streets, geopositioning them to create a map in 360º like Google Street View’s, at . We announced the route our car would take so that people could go out onto the street, and anyone who wanted to go down in posterity became a pin on our map.
Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service.
If your audience drinks in the street because it’s cheaper, and the recession means they have even less money, how do you stop sales falling?
Eristoff could have offered price promotions, but could never beat store brands on price. It had to justify its price, not drop it.
Eristoff had to go out into the streets if that was where people were drinking, Doing so within a project persuading young people to show their freakiest, geekiest face to convert them into the first nocturnal street view’s pins, was the way to becoming the brand of reference at the 'brand-free' party.
Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results.
To date the streets of Madrid and A Coruña (cities with the greatest loss of sales) have been mapped and the launch in other Spanish cities such as Barcelona and international cities such as London and Paris is being considered.
In the second quarter following the start of the campaign, Eristoff managed to improve its sales against store brands by 11% and sell more than Absolut.
25% increase in brand awareness with hardly any paid media.
Repercussion in the media to a value of €1m.
Over 5,900 impromptu performers and 200 venues converted into pins.