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Sector Vodka
Media Promo / PR
Mercado España
Agencia Proximity Barcelona
Creative Director Alba Vence
Art Director Rodrigo Chaparreiro, Paco Jiménez, Ivan Aguado
Copywriter Anna Soler
Producer Sigfrid Mariné
Publicado junio 2011

Creditos y descripciones

Category: Best Use of Games
Product/Service: VODKA
Creative Executive Director: Eva Santos (CP Proximity)
Creative Director: Alba Vence (CP Proximity)
Creative Supervisor: Ferran Lafuente (CP Proximity)
Copywriter: Anna Soler (CP Proximity)
Art Director: Rodrigo Chaparreiro (CP Proximity)
Art Director: Paco Jimenez (CP Proximity)
Developer: Ruben Mejias (CP Proximity)
Developer: Gerard Albañell (CP Proximity)
Account Director: Alba Cristóbal (CP Proximity)
Account Executive: Alicia Viñals (CP Proximity)
Producer: Sigfrid Mariné (CP Proximity)
Art Director: Ivan Aguado (CP Proximity)
Developer: Bruno Mateos (CP Proximity)
Media placement: Mobile App - App Store - 18 June 2011
Media placement: Emailing - Data Base - 18 June 2011
Media placement: Flyers - Ambient - 18 June 2011

Describe the objective of the promotion.
Eristoff Vodka is a sponsor of Sónar, a macro-festival of innovative music and multimedia art that marks a trend worldwide. Like many others, it is a festival saturated with advertising from the 20 brands that sponsor it. This means that the majority of those brands pass unnoticed by the audience and that the enormous cost of the sponsorship does not return any meaningful result.

In 2011 Eristoff proposed to turn this situation around with an innovative action. For this we had to resolve 2 challenges: a difficult-to-surprise target audience aged 18 to 25, and that the group it was assigned to sponsor, Lasers, was one of the least known at the festival.

Describe how the promotion developed from concept to implementation.
'Wolf Invaders, the first videogame concert', an online videogame with Lasers playing the backing music in real time, from Sónar.

A videogame integrated into the concert: the game screen was the stage set, the avatars were the musicians and the mission was to conquer the moon. It needed some controls to enable people to participate easily: their smartphone. An app allowed them to control the game while they enjoyed the live concert. QR Codes were announced and projected at the start for downloading the app.

In addition, we amplified the sponsorship by broadcasting the concert online, which also allowed people to play from home.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service.
Eristoff Wolf Invaders represented a seamless integration of our brand into the concert.

Instead of putting up posters, distributing flyers or giving away drinks, we worked together with Lasers to develop an interactive game in which the brand becomes a part of the experience. Because it is a multi-player game, we also captured the festive, friends-together atmosphere of a music festival.

This meant that Eristoff was no longer just a sponsor; it became a participant, gaining prominence over the other brands present.

Furthermore, the app was a free download and contained a form to collect user data that allowed us to lengthen the relationship between the brand and its consumers after the game.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results.
Wolf Invaders was downloaded by 2,890 people (Android + iOS) who played a total of 4,200 games. At least 26% of the 9,500 people who saw the Lasers concert at Sónar ’11 played Wolf Invaders live.

A study of brand awareness as people left the Festival positioned Eristoff as No.1 sponsor in spontaneous recall, improving its position in previous years.