ULTIMATE INSTAMEET Hamilton Island para Hamilton Island


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Media Promo / PR, Case study
Mercado Australia
Agencia Hamilton Island
Creative Director Nik Howe
Publicado marzo 2013

Creditos y descripciones

Category: Travel, Tourism & Leisure
Advertising campaign: ULTIMATE INSTAMEET
Senior Communications Manager: Sophie Baker (Hamilton Island)
Video Editor: Mark Alston (Arsenic & Sugar)
Trade Communications Manager: Michelle Crowshaw (Hamilton Island)
Creative Director: Nik Howe (Arsenic & Sugar)
Regional Communications Manager: Katie Cahill (Hamilton Island )

Our campaign strategy saw us launch a competition that captured a global imagination, leveraging Hamilton Island’s desirability through deep consumer engagement. Instagram is an incredibly influential visual medium. A highly portable, ever-changing mosaic carried in the pockets of 100m users worldwide. Regardless of age or place, each Instagrammer has the potential to reach vast networks through image sharing. Drawing inspiration from the ‘Pilgramers’, US-based Instagrammers, our Ultimate InstaMeet required entrants to follow our account on Instagram and ‘hashtag’ photos that represented their idea of paradise. Five competition winners from Australia and America, high-profile Australian ambassadors and popular Instagrammers were then united for a weekend retreat, sharing their Island experiences in real-time with their followers. No media coverage was paid for, yet the creation of 100% positive social dialogue saw our campaign publicised extensively by traditional media, with the social media posts of ordinary users elevated to campaign imagery.

This has been our most successful campaign ever. Through the strength of this campaign, we witnessed AUD$2m room revenue growth during the campaign period, compared to the same time last year and a 9% increase in bookings. The story of our Ultimate InstaMeet received mainstream national and international coverage in traditional, broadcast and online media, generating a total PR value of AUD$2.3m and 65m earned media impressions globally. Through social media the story continues to be told. Two YouTube documentaries were created attracting 1000's of views, and our social community climbed astronomically, with Instagram growing by 3,500%. 54 images made Instagram’s Popular Page, appearing on the active feeds of all 100m users. Our InstaMeet photos received 850,000+ likes, 17,500+ comments and 4,280+ shares via Facebook, engaging multiple target audiences and exposing the Island to 8m+ people across all social networks.

Campaign Description
Hamilton Island is an idyllic Island paradise on Australia’s Queensland coast. In the competitive travel market, we needed a way to resonate with travellers and profile the Island as a premier holiday destination.Tourism Australia’s research shows 24 percent of people are inspired by their friends' travel photos, with 11% wanting to emulate the same holiday. But a small island with marketing budgets to match, consumer-changing media habits, and high Australian dollar, meant we had become practically invisible to domestic and international travellers. Our aim was to showcase and engage a social media savvy audience and generate PR off the strength of the idea. With an internal communications staff of three, we launched a global engagement and awareness-raising campaign, targeting keen travellers and photographers. Instagram was chosen as our lead platform and integral to our campaign was our Ultimate InstaMeet competition, compelling Australian and American Instagrammers to ‘hashtag’ their most inspiring holiday images for the chance to win a tropical escape. We united the winners, ambassadors, popular Instagrammers and the original US ‘Pilgramers’, who caught the attention of Instagram’s CEO/Founder, Kevin Systrom, with their passionate exploration across America, for an incredible weekend at Hamilton Island. Our Instagrammers sent ‘postcards’ to 8m+ friends and family on social media sharing stories in real-time worldwide. Our AUD$25,000 investment, led to a nine percent increase in room bookings, AUD$2million in room revenue and AUD$2.3million editorial value, proving the direct impact on people's desire to travel, surpassing every expectation.

Client Brief Or Objective
With the objective of rejuvenating the Island’s identity as simultaneously aspirational and accessible, ideal for all budgets and tastes, we launched a below-the-line PR campaign leveraging traditional and social media. Research by Tourism Australia indicated that 24% of people who view holiday photos of their peers feel inspired to travel, with 11% wanting to embark on exactly the same holiday. By tapping into the image-sharing platform Instagram, we facilitated a global conversation between potential holiday-goers and Hamilton Island, spurring thousands of amateur photographers and travellers of all ages to share pictorial stories.

A tiny landmass nestled on the Great Barrier Reef, Hamilton Island is overlooked in the enormity of a trend-driven travel marketplace. The strength of the Australian dollar has exacerbated its invisibility, encouraging locals to travel further, while international tourists seek trips closer to home. Spurred on by a changing media landscape, we sought to authentically engage and excite a social media audience with awe-inspiring imagery. Despite a limited AUD$25,000 budget and short time frame, our opportunities included increasing consumer engagement by uniting a virtual community through moment-sharing and content generation, establishing Hamilton Island as a global getaway destination.

With two months preparation and a limited budget, Hamilton Island planned the first global InstaMeet of its kind. We created an unrivalled holiday itinerary that allowed our Instagrammers to generate 640+ insta-images in a single weekend late November 2012. To reach the broadest possible audience, the attendees were targeted and diverse, from the US ‘Pilgramers’, to high-profile Australian ambassadors from sporting, music, fashion and food backgrounds, plus popular ‘everyday’ Instagrammers with followers ranging from a few to hundreds of thousands.The group stayed in varying accommodation to showcase the Island’s offering, and shared their experiences, from seaplane flights over the Great Barrier Reef to mountain peak climbs, across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Tumblr. By doing so, they invited a global community of varying ages and backgrounds to be excited and get engaged. And they did, with unanticipated enthusiasm; a reflection of the shifting attitudes of current media consumers.