Hankook Tyres Promo, Case study THE ULTRA GRIP Innocean Seoul


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Sector Tyres (en)
Media Promo / PR, Case study
Mercado Corea del Sur
Agencia Innocean Seoul
Creative Director Jung Hyun Park
Copywriter Cheong Wonjoon, Park Seung Heun, Jaeshik Seo
Publicado febrero 2013

Creditos y descripciones

Advertiser: HANKOOK TIRE
Category: Cars & Automotive Services
Advertising campaign: THE ULTRA GRIP
Copywriter: Cheong Wonjoon (Innocean Worldwide)
AD: Kim Jong Hyun (Innocean Worldwide)
Creative Director: Park Jung Hyun (Innocean Worldwide)
AD: Kim Heun (Innocean Worldwide)
Copywriter: Seo Jaeshik (Innocean Worldwide)
AD: Kim Que Yeon (Innocean Worldwide)
Copywriter: Park Seung Heun (Innocean Worldwide)

Making people experience, we could grip their attention and heart.Those who used to ask for anything inexpensive when choosing tires started to say, "Ventus please".The number of expected purchasers increased among our surveyees, and many of the visitors in tire stores these days were holding our invitation cards in their hands.Plus, the number of the people calling about Ventus increased recently.

We tried to tell people there is the tyre called Ventus which can keep them safe on slippery roads.Our targets were both those with cars and no car.On our press, mails and poster(oudoors) ads, we put glue or Velcro on the tire part and when people pull or open it, the tire will tear the ground. By mails, people will come to the store, and by outdoos/press ads, more people will get to know that there's a tyre called Ventus with great gripping power.

With the direct mails, we could Invite people to our store.with other ads, we could let Ventus be remembered by more people.So it becomes this conclusion: "Come, then choose ours".