Natura Cosmetics Promo, Case study INSPIRING WOMEN Taterka Sao Paulo


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Sector Maquillaje y productos de belleza, Maquillaje
Media Promo / PR, Case study
Mercado Brasil
Agencia Taterka Sao Paulo
Publicado mayo 2011

Creditos y descripciones

Category: Best Use of Print
Product/Service: COSMETICS
General Media Director: Paulo Sant'anna (Taterka)
Media Director: Patricia Alves (Taterka)
Media Manager: Clara Corrales (Taterka)
Media Superviser: Beatriz Luna (Taterka)
Media Coodenator: Bruno Felix (Taterka)
Media placement: Magazine - EDITORA ABRIL - 1 MAY 2011

Insights, Strategy & the Idea
Natura is a Brazilian cosmetics, fragrance, and personal hygiene brand, with operations in seven Latin American countries and France. It is the market leader in Brazil, and it also heads the direct sales industry.
What makes Natura the most cosmetic and personal hygiene brand are the million selling consultants that are responsible for taking the products from Natura to the final consumers.
Natura stimulates the consultants’ personal and professional development so that they become transforming agents in the construction of a fair and supportive society.
We have faced a big challenge in our communication: showing that Natura values wants its consultants to be proud of BEING CONSULTANTS , highlighting their actions and stories to make the country a better place to live.

Creative Execution
We used innovation by creating and negotiating a NEW MEDIA ENVIRONMENT, where the stories told by Natura consultants could be exhibited and acknowledged nationally. We managed to negotiate UNPRECEDENTED COMMERCIAL SPACES in one large communication media.We have joined the largest women's magazine in the country, Claudia to promote and enhance the transforming actions of our consultants.
The journal promotes Claudia's largest and most important award in recognition of the country and empower women by transforming their attitudes in society. The Claudia Award comprises 5 categories: Science, Culture, Business, Public Policy, and Social Work.
We have created the category Inspiring Natura Consultants, which presents the five consultants who stood out with their transforming stories.
This category was voted and judged by the public and a panel of opinion formers from various sectors. The winners of each category were revealed in a big party hosted by the magazine Claudia.

Results and Effectiveness
This equation resulted in an unusual planned media strategy, responsible for promoting an extensive emotional connection between the consultants and the final consumer, exceeding Natura’s communication goals:
- More than 13 million readers of the magazine Claudia knew transforming stories. of Natura consultants.
- Over a thousand people were thrilled by the transforming stories of the consultants in the Natura Award ceremony.