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Sector Maquillaje y productos de belleza, Maquillaje
Media Promo / PR, Case study
Mercado Brasil
Agencia Beta ID
Agencia Taterka Sao Paulo
Publicado septiembre 2011

Creditos y descripciones

Category: Best Use of Integrated Media
Product/Service: NATURA EKOS
Agency: BETA ID
General Director Of Media: Paulo Sant'anna (Taterka)
Director Of Media: Patricia Alves (Taterka)
Media Manager: André Simões (Taterka)
Media Superviser: Raphaella Araujo (Taterka)
Media Coordinator: Bruno Almeida (Taterka)
Media placement: Magazine - National Geographic - 2010 November
Media placement: Magazine - National Geographic - 2011 June
Media placement: TV - National Geographic - 2011 Jul - Oct
Media placement: Internet - National Geographic - 2010 Jun Until 2011 Jul - Oct

Insights, Strategy & the Idea
Natura is a Brazilian cosmetics, fragrance, and personal hygiene brand. It is the market leader in Brazil, and it also heads the direct sales industry.
Ekos is its SUSTAINABILITY sub-brand and some of its greatest attributes are valuing, knowing, and being deeply inspired by the country’s biodiversity. Hence, it supports social development, strengthens the economy, and promotes environmental sustainability.
As the International Year of Biodiversity, 2010 was marked by the LAUNCH of Natura Ekos’ PORTAL. We needed to motivate people to contribute with RELEVANT CONTENT, to generate and to increase QUALITY TRAFFIC aligned with the brand’s Portal.
In view of these insights, we suggested that Natura Ekos celebrated the International Year of Biodiversity by promoting a Cultural Contest. Consumers were invited to share their personal experiences with the Brazilian Biomes, through photos taken or articles written by them: the Amazon, Cerrado, Caatinga, Pantanal, Pampas, the Atlantic Forest, Coastal and Ocean Areas.

Creative Execution
We consolidated the brand’s values into a SINGLE MEDIA PLATFORM; National Geographic. This is the best channel related to the project, lending more credibility to the concept of the Natura Ekos brand. Our role consisted in being interlocutors for the whole project. This integration has created an EXPERIENCE for our customers and qualitative content for the brand.
The prize received by 2 winners of the Contest (photo and article) was an expedition to Iratapuru River Reserve, in the Amazon, to observe the community’s work of collecting nuts.
This experience was narrated and photographed by the winners and published across the whole National Geographic Brazil platform. We had a 4-page feature in the magazine, and also shared the winners’ experience in 3 different 90’’ shows on the Nat Geo channel; Internet users were able to watch the expedition in a 5' video posted on the portal.

Results and Effectiveness
The goal was to reach 1 million visitors up to the end of 2010. We exceeded the number of new visitors to the Portal by more than 88%
The Contest generated more than 1,800 registrations, 6,000 photos posted, and 250 articles written in the portal. The average time spent on the website exceeded 52'.
Media integration, the choice of communication platform and the affinity with the target proved the utter adequacy and adherence of the media strategy. Instead of a passive audience, we created a COLLABORATIVE ATMOSPHERE, thus surprising the audience and enabling their engagement in the CONTENT GENERATION