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Sector Stationery (en)
Media Promo / PR, Case study
Mercado Brasil
Agencia DraftFCB Rio De Janeiro
Creative Director Benjamin Yung Jr., Cassio Zanatta
Art Director Camila Rodrigues
Copywriter Luiza Valdetaro
Producer Victor Alloza, Karina Bueno, Ana Flávia De Lucca, Vivi Guedes
Publicado abril 2013

Creditos y descripciones

Category: Best Use of Branded Content & Sponsorship
Advertising campaign: LEAVE YOUR MARK
Creative Director: Benjamin Yung Jr (Giovanni/Draftfcb)
Media Coordinator: Bruna Simões (Giovanni/Draftfcb)
Art Director: Camila Rodrigues (Giovanni/Draftfcb)
Planning Supervisor: Cinthia Kin (Giovanni/Draftfcb)
Media Director: Edson Melo (Giovanni/Draftfcb)
Media Supervisor: Rafael Farah Reis (Giovanni/Draftfcb)
Producer: Karina Bueno (Giovanni/Draftfcb)
Account VP: Mauro Silveira (Giovanni/Draftfcb)
Media Supervisor: Rachid Antun (Giovanni/Draftfcb)
Creative VP: Ricardo John (Giovanni/Draftfcb)
Media General Director: Tiago Santos (Giovanni/Draftfcb)
General VP: Adilson Xavier (Giovanni/Draftfcb)
Producer: Ana Flávia De Lucca (Giovanni/Draftfcb)
COO: Pedro Cruz (Giovanni/Draftfcb)
Producer: Victor Alloza (Giovanni/Draftfcb)
Media Vice President: Alexandre Ugadin (Giovanni/Draftfcb)
Creative Director: Cassio Zanatta (Giovanni/Draftfcb)
Copywriter: Luiza Valdetaro (Giovanni/Draftfcb)
Planning Supervisor: Pedro Schneider (Giovanni/Draftfcb)
Producer: Vivi Guedes (Giovanni/Draftfcb)

Sharpie’s launch in Brazil reached 38,000 fans on Facebook, 538 000 views on Youtube (over 200,000 just in the first month) and over 9 million impressions on MTV portal.The 'Auction Art with Sharpie' was also a successful outcome; more than 29,000 bids were recorded, more than 3,200 subscribers and over 38,000 pageviews. In addition to the numerical results, Sharpie got a huge engagement in social networks with the young. Products sold out in many outlets, entertained and engaged multiple consumers, and could spread the idea of customization and self-expression of a permanent marker. More than 50mi Brazilians impacted.

Sharpie is a manufacturer of pens and permanent markers, recognized worldwide as the brand which promotes consumer self-expression.Celebrities use Sharpie markers to sign everything their fans want to. In the world the brand has more than 4 million fans… But up until one year ago, was totally unknown in Brazil. Our main challenge was: How to launch a new entrant within the really competitive Brazilian market, with a low media budget, and furthermore bringing the brand essence: synonym of self-expression to the young. Our big idea, was based on creating a videoclip with the most famous and admired rapper in Brazil: Marcelo D2 (he’s basically the Brazilian Jay-Z). His fans are mostly young people who relate to his authentic way of expressing himself. With his power we brought more relevance to our target, communicated Sharpie’s core, and reached many more people without high levels of investment.

We didn’t want just a jingle or a TV commercial; we wanted a song and a video clip. We left Marcelo D2 free to create, so we achieved what we wanted, and it was a big success. Through MTV Brazil, we aired the video clip, and it went viral on the internet and young tv channels. As a commercial it was communicated on the biggest Brazilian networks.Beyond that, the song ran on the radio, as a song and spot. And we had a lot of funny online promotions: 'Leave your Mark on MTV' – our target could paint MTV logos, and it was aired on MTV channel. 'Auction Art with Sharpie' – decorative objects customized by designers and items signed by Marcelo D2 were auctioned on Sharpie’s MTV branded channel, as well. On Mix TV(another big young channel), Sharpie pens wrote video clip subtitles.