Swedish Cooperative Center Promo EQUAL AID Prime


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Sector Organizaciones benéficas, fundaciones, voluntarios
Media Promo / PR
Mercado Suecia
Agencia Prime
Creative Alex Johansson, Claudia Bello
Publicado enero 2013

Creditos y descripciones

Agency: PRIME
Category: Charities
Advertising campaign: EQUAL AID
Public Affairs: Camilla Lundberg Ney (Swedish Cooperative Center)
Creative: Alex Johansson (Prime)
Creative: Claudia Bello (Prime)
Public Affairs Expert/Strategy: Fredrik Fällman (Prime)
Key Account Manager/Strategy: Peter Moro (Prime)
Creative Director/Strategy: Peter Lindgren (Prime)
Account Manager: Lisa Törner (Swedish Cooperative Center)
Media Relations: Marcus Lundstedt (Swedish Cooperative Center)
Head Of Communications: Ola Richardsson (Swedish Cooperative Center)
Project Member: Andrea Ahlenius (Swedish Cooperative Center)
Project Manager: Linn Nordlander (Prime)
Media Relations: Malin Österberg (Prime)
Key Account Manager: Maria Löfcrantz Ramsey (Prime)

Our standpoint on equal aid was embraced by a majority of parties represented in the Swedish Parliament and most important - equal aid, giving 50 % to women, is now included in the Swedish goverment´s new policy platform for international aid. Total media reach: 4,8 million, over half of Sweden´s population (earned media: 4,5 million, social media 300 000). The first shipment of 2 000 sold out at once and the bracelets still provides a steady income for the Tanzanian women.

Introducing the black and white bracelet, crafted by Tanzanian women, was in itself was a symbol for equal aid and the logic behind the need for change in Swedish governmental aid policy.By adapting a targeted approach with the bracelet by designer Diana Orving together with social media activation where you could donate your status on Facebook to the campaign adressing the Government to embrace equal aid, meeting with key influential stakeholders and politicians together with a media campaign the word on equal aid got out.

Client Brief Or Objective
Over 70% of the world’s poor are women. Even worse, when men have access to funding, only 30-40% goes back to the local community, for women it is 90%. Despite this, the Swedish government doesn’t know how much financial aid reaches women. The brief - put equal aid on the societal agenda, meaning: address and engage the Swedish Government and politicians on national level on the logic with a change towards equal aid and get public support in order to put pressure on the politicians.

We created a symbol for equal care – a designed bracelet with black and white pearls to be sold on line and on local markets. Bracelet and pattern were created by Diana Orving, Swedens most promising young designer together with Tanzanian women. The bracelet was crafted by the ones who would gain the most from a sale - Tanzanian women that got a steady income, not depending on weather, a good or poor harvest. The bracelet gave us the opportunity to spread the message in different channels, i e fashion blogs, Facebook, Twitter and when meeting politicians and addressing the media.