Re Re Re Calculating VML Bogota para Bridgestone

Re Re Re Calculating

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Sector Tyres (en)
Media Publicidad en TV y cine, Radio, Digital
Mercado Colombia
Agencia VML Bogota
Chief Creative Officer Mike Wente, John Godsey
Associate Creative Director Carlos Espinosa
Executive Creative Director Chris Corley, Maurizio Villarreal
Copywriter Allison Pierce
Publicado febrero 2017

Creditos y descripciones

Category (TV, Interactive, etc.): Radio
Title: Drunk GPS
Three Spots: 1) Drunk GPS – Re Re Re Calculating 2) Red Light 3) Say Cheese!
Client: Bridgestone Latin America
Brand: Bridgestone Tires
Agency: VML
Global Chief Creative Officer: Debbi Vandeven (VML)
Chief Experience Officer: Juan Santos (VML)
Chief Creative Officer, NA: Mike Wente (VML)
Chief Creative Officer, NA: John Godsey (VML)
Executive Creative Director: Maurizio Villarreal (VML)
Managing Director-Creative: Catalina Hernandez (VML)
Group Creative Director: Antonio Lopez (VML)
Group Client Engagement Director: Joan Villas (VML)
Client Engagement Director: Juan Pablo Sabogal (VML)
Associate Creative Director: Carlos Espinosa (VML)
Executive Creative Director: Chris Corley (VML)
Group Creative Director / Copywriter: Allison Pierce (VML)
Launch date: October 25 2016 and February 25 2017
One-paragraph Description:
In Colombia, it’s been reported that many people use GPS apps — when driving drunk — to avoid police and find their way home. To show them how dangerous this really is, we created a radio commercial that simulated the feeling and consequences of driving drunk. With a “drunk GPS,” the only place our drivers were headed was jail… or even worse.