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Sector Confitería, Chocolate, Chicles
Media Radio
Mercado Estados Unidos
Agencia Leo Burnett Chicago
Creative Director Noel Haan, G. Andrew Meyer
Publicado febrero 2007

Creditos y descripciones

Advertising Agency: LEO BURNETT USA, USA, Chicago
Creative Director: Noel Haan and G. Andrew Meyer
Scriptwriter: Megan Sovern/Matt Miller

Script in English
SFX: music
FVO:Your sweetheart invites you over to his place. You put on the perfect dress with the perfect
heels and sweep your hair up just the way he likes it. When you get to his door, he invites you
in, leads you to the couch and does the unthinkable. He kneels down, grabs a controller and
begins destroying beasts and goblins from the netherworld with a crafty combination of up down
up down left right left right. After the third time he exclaims, “Did you see that? Did you see that?”
Offer him an Altoids Chocolate Dipped Mint. These strong mints dipped in the darkest
chocolate let him know with every JAB! BAM! and POW! he’s one level closer to never scoring
with you again. This Valentine’s Day, say it with Altoids Chocolate Dipped Mints. Say it yourself