Breathe DM9 JaymeSyfu Makati, Loud Box para Belo Men


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Sector Deodorants (en)
Media Radio
Mercado Filipinas
Agencia DM9 JaymeSyfu Makati
Chief Creative Officer Merlee Jayme
Executive Creative Director Jerry Hizon
Creative Director Gogie Sinson
Copywriter Gogie Sinson, Therese Liboro
Agencia Loud Box
Publicado marzo 2017

Creditos y descripciones

In a hot, humid and crowded tropical country like the Philippines, body odor is definitely an issue. Deodorants need to work overtime or else. That's why Belo Men via Dentsu Jayme Syfu Manila relaunched its line of deodorants that promises long-lasting 48 hour protection.
Media: Radio
Category: Cosmetics & toiletries
Client: Intelligent Skin Care/ Belo Men
Agency: Dentsu Jayme Syfu
Production: Loudbox Studios
Country: Philippines
Chief Creative Officer: Merlee Jayme
Executive Creative Director: Jerry Hizon
Creative Director: Gogie Sinson
Copywriter: Gogie Sinson
Copywriter: Therese Liboro
Account Director: Lieza Punsalan
Agency Producer: leo mercado
General Manager: Ronald Barreiro
Account Executive: Samantha San Ramon