Flight FCB Cape Town, We Love Jam para Bloom's Pharmacy


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Sector Farmacias
Media Radio
Mercado Sudáfrica
Agencia FCB Cape Town
Chief Creative Officer Mike Barnwell
Executive Creative Director Mike Barnwell
Art Director Dylan Davies
Copywriter Alistair Morgan
Agencia We Love Jam
Publicado octubre 2016


Loeries Awards 2017
Radio Communication Radio Station Commercials Campaign Bronze

Creditos y descripciones

With a remedy from Bloom's Pharmacy, it can only get better. Agency: FCB Cape Town
Media: Radio
Title: Fight
Category: Pharmaceutical & medical
Client: Maurice Soriano/ Bloom's Pharmacy
Agency: FCB Cape Town
Production: We Love jam
Country: South Africa
Chief Creative Officer: Mike Barnwell
Executive Creative Director: Mike Barnwell
Art Director: dylan davies
Copywriter: Alistair Morgan
Agency Producer: Ashleigh Jarratt
Published: February 2017
A person is having an unusually bad day. As things go from bad to worse we realise that the person is in fact a small child and all they need is a remedy from Bloom’s pharmacy.
Script In English:
(MUSIC: soft classical)MVO:The afternoon of Tuesday, January 7th , was one Karen Smith would be very happy to forget. The airplane in which she was travelling had just reached its cruising altitude of 33,000 feet, and drinks were being served, when Karen inexplicably burst into tears. She couldn’t say what exactly had caused her to cry, but she just felt awful. She’d had a broken night of sleep and it had been a long, often bewildering, day. Being strapped into a seat next to a strange man for a couple of hours was the last thing she wanted to be doing. But her problems were far from over. Without warning, Karen violently threw up her lunch. It was the cottage pie her mother had made for her. And the majority of it had landed on the lap of the man seated next to her. Karen really didn’t need to be going through all this. She needed a unique paediatric remedy from Bloom’s pharmacy. The only pharmacy to tailor make children’s medicines. Because even little people have bad days. Bloom’s pharmacy. It only gets better.