Mall FCB Cape Town para Bloom's Pharmacy


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Sector Farmacias
Media Radio
Mercado Sudáfrica
Agencia FCB Cape Town
Executive Creative Director Mike Barnwell
Creative Director Mike Barnwell
Art Director Dylan Davies
Copywriter Alistair Morgan
Agencia de production We Love Jam
Publicado febrero 2017


Loeries Awards 2017
Radio Communication Radio Station Commercials Campaign Bronze

Creditos y descripciones

Category: Pharmaceutical
Media: Audio
Brand: Bloom’s Pharmacy
Agency: FCB
Geo: South Africa
Agency: Fcb Cape Town
Brand: Blooms Pharmacy
Country: South Africa
Entrant Company: Fcb Cape Town
Advertising Agency: Fcb Cape Town
Production Company: We Love Jam, Cape Town
Executive Creative Director: Mike Barnwell (Fcb Cape Town)
Group Head: Art Director: Dylan Davies (Fcb Cape Town)
Head Of Copy: Alistair Morgan (Fcb Cape Town)
Head Of Tvc Production: Ashleigh Jarratt (Fcb Cape Town)
Published: February 2017
Entry Summary:
None applicable
A man has a bad day at the mall after he soils himself. But it turns out he is actually a small child and simply in need of a remedy from Bloom's pharmacy.
Script In English:
MVO:Saturday the 5th of May was not a good day for Michael Brown. For starters, he’d been dragged to a shopping mall. Michael was really not into shopping. Quite frankly, the whole concept of exchanging money for goods was beyond him. But he’d been given little choice in the matter. In the car park he passed Olivia Bond, his next door neighbour. He tried to wave ‘hello’ but Olivia completely ignored him. Perhaps this was because Michael looked as if he’d been dressed by his mother. But worse was yet to come. He had not even made it to the first store when he soiled himself. It was the full number two. Michael knew the situation was bad. But he didn’t know how to tell anyone. He simply couldn’t find the words to describe his predicament. It was all too overwhelming. He was tired and feverish and he wanted to go home. Michael didn’t need to be at the mall. He needed a unique paediatric remedy from Bloom’s pharmacy. The only pharmacy to tailor make children’s medicines. Because even little people have bad days. Bloom’s pharmacy. It only gets better.