Bullring Publicidad impresa GROTTO Rees Bradley Hepburn (RBH)


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Sector Centros comerciales, Comida rápida y restaurantes
Media Radio
Mercado Reino Unido
Agencia Rees Bradley Hepburn (RBH)
Director Tony Hertz
Creative Director Jamie Putnam
Account Supervisor Alison Ridge
Publicado diciembre 2004

Creditos y descripciones

Advertising Agency: REES BRADLEY HEPBURN, UNITED KINGDOM, Birmingham
Creative Director: Jamie Putnam
Scriptwriter: Nigel Thomas
Agency Producer: Victoria Valentine
Account Supervisor: Alison Ridge
Advertiser's Supervisor: Georgina Kelly
Director: Tony Hertz
Sound Engineer: Andre Jacquemin

Script in English

Kids: Restless and excited.

Elf: Quiet down. Alright, welcome to the Enchanted Winter Grotto. Together we’ll discover a magical winter wonderland.

Kids: Cheering.

Elf: Look left and you’ll see Santa’s reindeer… on your right, real snow. Don’t get any ideas. That’s Frosty the Snowman, the Seven Dwarfs, Sneezy, Sleepy, Doc etc, etc.

Kids: Wow.

Elf: Come on, come on, keep up at the back or the reindeers will eat you. Over there is Santa’s workshop. No you can’t go inside.

Kids: Ohhhhhh.

Elf: Stop whining. That’s where Santa lives – he’s out so no presents, oh blimey look at the time – here’s the exit, merry Christmas, see you next year.

VO: You know you don’t have to rush to get the Christmas shopping done. Bullring is open till 10pm five nights a week. Bullring. It’s Europe’s new shopping capital. In Birmingham city centre and at Bullring.co.uk

Girl: (whining) Mom, I wanna see Rudolph!