Durex Publicidad impresa Orgasm Havas Worldwide Moscow


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Sector Anticonceptivos y Pruebas de embarazo, Lubricants (en)
Media Radio
Mercado Europa
Agencia Havas Worldwide Moscow
Creative Director Evgenia Arabkina
Art Director Irina Koreshkova
Senior Art Director Stanislav Tretyakov
Copywriter Alexandra Govorukhina, Ivan Krylov, Peter Osipov
Agencia de production Filmservice Productions
Director Ramon J. Goni
Publicado mayo 2018

Creditos y descripciones

Media: TV, Digital
Client: Reckitt Benckiser Healthcare
Durex category manager: Maria Tarakanova
Agency: Havas Life Moscow
Creative Director: Evgenia Arabkina
Copywriter: Alexandra Govorukhina
Copywriter: Ivan Krylov
Copywriter: Peter Osipov
Senior Art director: Stanislav Tretyakov
Art director: Irina Koreshkova
Account supervisor: Anna Kuznetsova
Account Manager: Alexandra Spiridonova
Head of TV department: Irina Svetlakova
Senior Produce: Anastasia Shamaro
Production: Filmservice
Director: Ramon J. Goni
Concept artist: Carl Sprague
Digital production: Hypermedia
Published: May 2018
How to bypass censuring when it comes to orgasms?

The new international campaign by Durex and Havas Life Moscow shows orgasm after orgasm, despite the international filters on social media platforms and TV.

The unique Durex Intense line – condoms and gel designed to intensify female orgasms – has a goal to help both women and men. Research shows that many women don’t have an orgasm every time they have sex.* But men also have to struggle hard to please their partner sometimes.

How do we tell about our line’s orgasmic capabilities, if lawyers of so many countries don’t let you show as much as a kiss?

Durex Win-Win Orgasms is a big campaign for European countries with separate communication versions for men and women, separate TV, FB, YT and radio ads. The protagonists find themselves in a fantasy amusement park, where the woman finally stops doubting she can actually win pleasure and, thanks to her partner, enjoys it again and again.
Additional short FB videos showed different attraction and carnival games around the park and the couple winning in them.

Durex ads always find the sweet spot between passion and playfulness, and this campaign was not an exception. But this time a passionate amusement park was created as well. A set decoration artist who had previously worked on La-la-land was invited to help with development of this art project. The sexy protagonists were found in Serbia, where the filming took place.
Post-production of the whole project required input from each and every team member and took around 4 months.

The first ads have already been aired in the UK, Ireland and Scandinavian countries, with many more to come...and not a single channel censored it. 
A win-win idea to cover the whole Europe.