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The Us President

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Sector Agencias de viajes, operadores turísticos
Media Radio
Mercado Sudáfrica
Agencia TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris Johannesburg
Chief Creative Officer Peter Khoury
Executive Creative Director Jenny Glover, Rui Alves
Art Director Shane Forbes
Copywriter Jenny Glover, George Low
Publicado octubre 2016


Cannes Lions 2017
Radio Radio & Audio: Travel & Transport Bronze Lion

Creditos y descripciones

Agency: Hunt Lascaris Johannesburg
Client: Flight Centre
Chief Creative Officer: Peter Khoury
Executive Creative Director: Jenny Glover
Executive Creative Director: Rui Alves
Client Service: Bridget Langley
Copywriter: Jenny Glover
Copywriter: George Low
Art Director: Shane Forbes
Agency Producer: Kim Hunt
Sound Designer: Louis Enslin
Production Company: Produce Sound
At the end of 2016, Trump election mania had taken over social media. So when travel group Student Flights briefed us to make tactical use of the radio medium to promote youth travel to the United States, we came up with a sharable, social media solution. Our execution imagines the worst possible election outcome, painting a bleak picture of what the US would be like in a specific post election scenario. We never imagined it would actually happen. Given the unpredictability of world events, we reminded our market that it’s wise to travel sooner rather than later.
Released during the pre-election mania of the 2016 US Presidential Election, before the outcome of was known, this spot paints a bleak picture of what the US would be like in a specific post election scenario. In our imaginary tale, the triumphant male candidate insults the Statue of Liberty, actually builds a wall on the US-Mexican border and shoots the last remaining American cougar to make a keyring for his Russian counterpart. The story concludes just as the new American President is about the push the big red button on his desk and set the next World War in motion. The spot, for youth travel specialists Student Flights South Africa, encourages students to travel sooner rather than later, in line with the brand's longstanding platform, 'travel before it's not fun anymore.'
Script In English:
(MUSIC: twanging country- whistling)MV: "The Statue of Liberty is a big-boned fatty," roars the new American President. He vows to erect a 300-foot hot piece of ass in her place. This is the quaffed Sasquatch who plans to make America great again. (SFX: eagle scream)"I will build a magnificent Mexican wall," he declares. And build it he does. The threat of cheesy nachos, tacos, tequilas and badass chihuahuas is successfully averted. With dazzling toddler logic he ends world poverty, donating thousands of push-up bras to, quote unquote, lift morale. He even generously empties a few rounds into the last North American cougar, because Putin wanted its tail for a key ring. Finally, he unleashes his grand deportation plan. Fun packs her bags and rides off into the sunset. America is an all-you-can-eat turkey buffet and line-dancing wonderland. Thirty million handguns are fired into the air to the collective cry of, "Yeeha" while the world's most powerful bozo polishes his big red button. "Push it, push it, push it real good," he sings. Travel to America before it's not fun anymore, with Student Flights.Tickets from just R9000.Offer valid while USA lasts.