Friends Of Cancer Patients Publicidad impresa Loose Wheel Nut DDB Dubai

Loose Wheel Nut

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Sector Against Cancer (en)
Media Radio
Mercado Emiratos Árabes Unidos
Agencia DDB Dubai
Executive Creative Director Firas Medrows
Creative Director Zahir Mirza
Copywriter Zahir Mirza, Victor Haffling, Ahmed Otaibi
Publicado mayo 2018


Ad Stars 2018
Radio & Audio Radio & Audio Craft: Music / Sound Design Silver

Creditos y descripciones

Media: Radio
Category: Health & safety
Client: Friends Of Cancer Patients
Agency: DDB Dubai
Production: Mango Jam
Country: United Arab Emirates
Executive Creative Director: Firas Medrows
Group Creative Director: zahir mirza
Copywriter: zahir mirza
Copywriter: Victor Haffling
Copywriter: Ahmed Otaibi
Planner: Hend Raafat
Sound Design: Joe Najm
We humans tend to procrastinate on important things that could have huge impacts on our lives. This holds especially true when it comes to treating the symptoms of cancer. Quite often we leave it until it’s too late. In this radio campaign, DDB, Dubai, bring this to life by with everyday examples, that when ignored, could put us in grave danger.