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Sector Anticonceptivos y Pruebas de embarazo
Media Radio
Mercado Portugal
Agencia FCB Lisbon
Executive Creative Director Edson Athayde
Creative Director Victor Afonso
Art Director Eduardo Tavares
Copywriter Victor Afonso
Agencia de production Jamute Audio
Publicado abril 2017


Lions Health 2017
Health And Wellness Consumer Products: OTC Products/Devices Bronze Lion

Creditos y descripciones

A warning for those who are not ready yet to become parents. Radio spot from FCB Lisbon for Beiersdorf
Media: Radio
Category: Pharmaceutical & medical
Client: Beiersdorf/ Harmony
Agency: FCB Lisbon
Production: Jamute
Country: Portugal
Executive Creative Director: Edson Athayde
Creative Director: Victor Afonso
Art Director: Eduardo Tavares
Copywriter: Victor Afonso
Agency Producer: César Monteiro
Account Executive: Sónia Gonçalves
Co-production: O Menino Grava
Brief with projected outcomes:
No restrictions.
Script In English:
MVO1:Do I like children? I love them!DISCLAIMER:Except when: they cry, they poop; they pee; they wake up in the middle of the night; they wake up in the middle of the night because they pooped and peed; they throw up on the airplane; throw up in the car; throw up in general; draw on the wall; empty glue tubes into shoes; eat glue; climb stairs; fall down the stairs; get close to stairs; pick boogers from their nose; eat the boogers they’ve just picked from their nose; hide in closets; wrap their baby brother in adhesive tape; stick gum in their friend’s hair; stick gum under the chair; spit from the window; throw water balloons from the window; cry in the middle of the shopping center; cry in the middle of the market; cry everywhere; are afraid of clowns; are afraid of Santa; are afraid of the lady that lives next door; are afraid of monsters; don’t say “please” or “thank you”; say what they shouldn’t say; get sick; learn to play an instrument; that instrument is a drum; act in soap operas; sing in TV talent shows; join the scouts; disrespect the elderly; beat other children; get beaten by other children; scratch; bite; pull hair; grow-up; turn 17 and ask for a birthday tattoo; leave the house; meet someone; fall in love; date; date; date; breakup; move back in; date; get married two months after they started dating; have children; lie about loving children too. MVO2:Better use Harmony condoms. Harmony. We are for lovers.
A warning for those who are not ready yet to become parents.
Entry Summary:
There’s an epidemic on air in Portugal: disclaimers. They’ve taken bank ads, car ads and, even worse, pharmaceutical ads. With this radio spot we aimed for something different: to use the disclaimer to tell our story, not to kill it.