Whistleblower Chemistry Dublin para Irish Examiner


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Sector Periódicos
Media Radio
Mercado Irlanda
Agencia Chemistry Dublin
Creative Director Mike Garner
Copywriter Emmet Wright
Agencia de production Mutiny
Publicado marzo 2017

Creditos y descripciones

The Irish Examiner is a newspaper with a history of fearless investigative journalism, and as such it has brought to light many of the shocking details of a story that has rocked Irish judicial and political circles. A number of years ago, Sergeant Maurice McCabe, an Irish Garda (police officer) 'blew the whistle' on alleged misconduct in the Irish police force or Gardai. Since then, he claims to have been the subject of attempts to smear his character. Some of these attempts are alleged to have come from within the force itself. It’s a scandal that has already seen the resignation of a Garda Commissioner and a Minister for Justice, and which is now the subject of a major public inquiry.
Media: Radio
Category: Publications & media
Client: the irish examiner
Agency: Chemistry, Dublin
Production: Mutiny Dublin
Country: Ireland
Creative Director: mike garner
Copywriter: emmet wright
Agency Producer: emmet wright
Steve Maher Engineer