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Sector Telecomunicaciones
Media Radio
Mercado Bélgica
Agencia Mortierbrigade Brussels
Executive Creative Director Joost Berends, Philippe Deceuster, Jens Mortier
Publicado septiembre 2007

Creditos y descripciones

Advertising Agency: MORTIERBRIGADE, BELGIUM, Brussels
Executive Creative Director: Jens Mortier/ Joost Berends/ Philippe Deceuster

Script in English

MVO1: Hello space Peter question mark

MVO2: Hi space Simon exclamation mark

MVO1: BBQ space tonight space at space my space place exclamation mark exclamation mark

MVO2: Brillianttttttttttttt laughing smiley, laughing smiley, smiley winking

MVO1: Bring space food space and space drinks exclamation mark smiley winking while laughing and opening its mouth

ANN: Tempo music is not just text messaging but now also calling! You get 300 free calling minutes during the weekend to the Mobistar network on top of your 300 free text messages. Available with every monthly top-up.
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Script in Orginal Language

MVO1: Allo espace Pascal point d’interrogation

MVO2: Salut espace Renaud point d’exclamation

MVO1: BBQ espace ce espace soir espace chez espace moi point d’exclamation point d’exclamation

MVO2 : Suuuuuuuuupeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr smiley qui rit, smiley qui rit, smiley qui fait un clin d’œil.

MVO1: amène espace boisson espace et espace bidoche point d’exclamation smiley qui fait un clin d’œil et qui ri en ouvrant la bouche

ANN: En ce moment chez Tempo Music, en plus des SMS tu reçois des minutes d'appel. 300 minutes gratuites vers Mobistar le week-end et toujours 300 SMS gratuits à chaque recharge dans le mois.
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