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Sector Tiendas al por menor y Alquiler , Comida rápida y restaurantes
Media Radio
Mercado Estados Unidos
Agencia The Richards Group
Creative Director Ron Henderson
Account Supervisor Corie Davies
Publicado junio 2004

Creditos y descripciones

Advertising Agency: THE RICHARDS GROUP, USA, Dallas
Creative Director: Ron Henderson
Scriptwriter: Ron Henderson
Agency Producer: Briget Fontenot
Account Supervisor: Corie Davies
Advertiser's Supervisor: Jim Denny
Sound Engineer: Russell Smith

Script in English

VO: Is there anything in this life as absolutely guaranteed as the 49-cent Summer Fountain Drink deal at QuikTrip? Actually, yes. Singers performing our National Anthem at a ballgame always try to add a few too many syllables. Guaranteed.

SFX: Ballpark crowd noises.

MC (over speakers): Ladies and gentlemen, platinum recording artist, Tiarra.

SFX: Crowd slowly becomes hushed.

SINGER (wildy improvising melody with each note): Oh-oooooh-oh-oh-ooooooh-oh-say-say-say-say-ay-ay-ay-aaaay-ay-ayyyyyyyy-ay, ca -ee-aa-an you, can-you-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woooo-oo-woo-woo-woooooo...

VO: So predictable. Like 49-cent quart fountain drinks at QuikTrip. This summer at QT, twenty ice-cold flavors just 49 cents.

SINGER (still milking each word for all it’s worth): ... brrraay-ee-ayyy-ee-ayyyy-ee-ayyy-ee-ayy-ayy-ay-ay-ay-ay-ayvvve-

VO: Always fre…

SINGER: ... ay-eee-ay-aaaaaaaaavvuh!

VO: Excuse me. Always fresh, always refreshing fountain quarts just 49 cents this summer. QuikTrip. Every trip guaranteed.
Brief Explanation

In the US, almost every pop/hip-hop star who sings the National Anthem uses the song as a platform to show off their vocal skills, oftentimes wildly departing from the original piece.