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Legal Advice Revised

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Sector Repair parts (en)
Media Radio
Mercado Nueva Zelanda
Agencia Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand
Chief Creative Officer Toby Talbot
Creative Director Guy Roberts, Corey Chalmers
Copywriter Toby Talbot, Corey Chalmers
Agencia de production The Coopers of Franklin Rd
Publicado diciembre 2017


Lions Communication 2018
Radio & Audio Lions Sectors > Automotive Bronze Lion

Creditos y descripciones

Media: Radio
Category: Automotive
Client: Toyota New Zealand/ Toyota Genuine Parts
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand
TOYOTA NEW ZEALAND Palmerston North, New Zealand Entrant Company
SAATCHI & SAATCHI Auckland, New Zealand Idea Creation
THE COOPERS Auckland, New Zealand Production
Country: New Zealand
Chief Creative Officer & Copywriter: Toby Talbot
Creative Director : Guy Roberts
Creative Director/ CW: Corey Chalmers
Copywriter: Kim Fraser
Kim Fraser Claude & Co Copywriter
Jon Cooper The Coopers Sound Engineer
Chief Executive Officer: Alistair Davis
General Manager UV & Marketing, Executive: Andrew Davis
General Manager Customer Services & Product Planning: Spencer Morris
Manager - Marketing Operations: Susanne Hardy
Team Leader - Marketing Operations: Sonya Coutts
Customer Services Coordinator, Marketing: Katie Moffat (Toyota Genuine Parts)
Social Media Coordinator: Sarah-Kate Sinclair
Media Agency: Starcom
Toyota New Zealand has launched a new campaign via Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand, illustrating the importance of asking for genuine parts when having vehicles serviced or repaired.
'Beware the Dangers of Almost the Same' is designed to get second-hand Toyota owners to stop and consider what their mechanic is putting in their car in a more memorable way.

Brief Explanation
We open up hearing an official sounding announcer introducing the theme of today’s ‘language lesson’ with a subtle radio frequency crackle SFX in the background; reminiscent of foreign language lessons being taught in English speaking schools around the world.
A useful everyday phrase is spoken in the foreign language quickly followed the English translation.
The useful everyday phrase is then repeated; sounding remarkably similar to the phrase previously delivered. Again, we hear the English translation.
What we soon realise is, the phrases that had sounded remarkably similar, is in fact completely different. Turning our useful everyday phrase into something that is not quite so useful.
Beware the dangers of almost the same humorously shows how the entire meaning of a sentence in a foreign language can swing on even an infinitesimally small difference.

Script (English)
FVO: Language Lesson 46. Legal advice.
SFX: Beep.
We hear a French woman say in an affronted voice:
French VO: Je demande à voir une Avocate!
English VO: I demand to see a lawyer!
We hear the same woman say in an equally affronted voice:
French VO: Je demande à voir un avocat!
English VO: I demand to see an avocado!
French VO: Avocate.
English VO: Lawyer.
French VO: Avocat.
English VO: Avocado.
MVO: Beware the dangers of almost the same. Always ask for Toyota Genuine Parts.