TV Guide Publicidad impresa WEATHER Jung Von Matt Germany


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Sector TV/Radio Programas
Media Radio
Mercado Alemania
Agencia Jung Von Matt Germany
Director Thorsten Hennings
Creative Director Oliver Voss, Deneke Von Weltzien
Account Supervisor Dennis Schneider
Publicado diciembre 2004

Creditos y descripciones

Advertising Agency: JUNG von MATT GERMANY, GERMANY
Creative Director: Deneke Von Weltzien/Oliver Voss
Scriptwriter: Christian Fritsche
Agency Producer: Christian Fritsche
Account Supervisor: Dennis Schneider
Advertiser's Supervisor: Olav Kleiboehmer
Director: Thorsten Hennings

Script in English

Man: Hey, good morning, Vietnam!

Woman: High noon!

Man: Heard the weather report?

Woman: Yeah, Rainman.

Man: Yeah that’s why I put on my full metal jacket.

Woman: What’s your IQ?

Man: Um, it's ocean’s 11. No, 12 actually!

Woman: Wow!

Man: Yeah, whatever, have a good day, my Braveheart.

Woman: Yeah, goodbye, Lenin.

VO: You love movies? So do we. TV Spielfilm. Your TV Guide.