Wicks Estate Wines Publicidad impresa The White The Studio (SCA)

The White

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Sector Vino
Media Radio
Mercado Australia
Agencia The Studio (SCA)
Director Mena Soliman
Creative Director Cameron Marlowe
Copywriter Mena Soliman
Publicado enero 2018

Creditos y descripciones

Media: Radio
Category: Drinks, alcoholic
Client: Wicks Estate Wines
Agency: The Studio at SCA
Country: Australia
Director: Mena Soliman
Executive Creative Director: Molly Lampard
Creative Director: Cameron Marlowe
Copywriter: Mena Soliman
Producer: Sean Braithwaite
Voiceover: Colin Cassidy
For the uneducated wine drinker, bringing the perfect bottle to the party is a daunting task. So this summer, The Studio at SCA wanted to simplify the decision making process by introducing Wicks Estate Wines as the ready & reliable solution.