Alive memory, 2 [video] Friends Moscow para Google

Alive memory, 2 [video]

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Sector Sistemas de búsqueda
Media Publicidad en TV y cine, Design & Branding
Mercado Rusia
Agencia Friends Moscow
Creative Director Guest Authors
Publicado abril 2016


PIAF, 2016
Audience Engagement - Gold
Brilliant Execution - Gold
Media Engagement - Silver
Creative Branding - Bronze
Creative Design - Bronze

Creditos y descripciones

Agency: Friends Moscow
Client: Google Russia
Authors: Arina Avdeeva, FRIENDS MOSCOW, Creative Director
Daria Davydova , FRIENDS MOSCOW, Account director
Alya Lugovaya, FRIENDS MOSCOW, Producer
Peter Fomichev, FRIENDS MOSCOW, Digital Producers
Dmitry Maseykin, FRIENDS MOSCOW, Art Director
Alexander Zavatskiy, FRIENDS MOSCOW, Art Director
Andrey Popov, FRIENDS MOSCOW, Copywriter
David A Ljungberg, Friends Moscow, Digital Art Director, UX Designer, Designer.
Yuri S Zalvovsky, Friends Moscow, Digital Producer, Technical Architect, UX Architect.
Marco Cremona, Google Russia, Creative Director Google Russia
Natalya Nesmachnaya, Google Russia, Head of B2C-marketing Google Russia
Ivan Girba, Google Russia, B2C-marketing manager Google Russia
Ekaterina Kondratieva, Google Russia, PR-manager Google Russia
Victor Gorbachev, Stereotactic (Video-production), Director
Egor Protsko, Stereotactic (Video-production), Operator
Natalia Urchenko, Stereotactic (Video-production), Producer Natalia
Pavel Zarenov, Stereotactic (Video-production), Sound Engineer
Aleksey Orlov, Stereotactic (Video-production), Film Editor
Vadim Kolosov, Stereotactic (Video-production), Sound-design
Aleksandr Turkunov, Stereotactic (Video-production), Sound-design
Konstantin Sorokin, Bakehouse Production, Photographer
Willem Rabe , Bakehouse Production, Illustrator
Ruslan Idiatov, Bakehouse Production, Design and Animation
Kostya Duffus, Bakehouse Production, Operator