Burger King Publicidad en TV y cine, Direct Whopper Discretion Advised [video] Miami Ad School San Francisco

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Whopper Discretion Advised [video]

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Sector Comida rápida
Media Publicidad en TV y cine, Direct
Mercado Estados Unidos
Agencia Miami Ad School San Francisco
Creative Director Miguel Gonzalez, Tu Phan
Art Director Vicky David
Copywriter Kevin Holden
Publicado marzo 2018

Creditos y descripciones

Category: Food
Media: Integrated
Brand: Burger King
Agency: Miami Ad School
Geo: United States
Advertising School: Miami Ad School San Francisco, USA
Creative Directors: Miguel Gonzalez, Tu Phan
Art Director: Vicky David
Copywriter: Kevin Holden
Published: March 2018
While others play it safe by cooking their burgers on flat top grills, the King likes his grilled to perfection over the open flame. So why is it that millennials don’t know this simple, yet drastic, difference? Because the only thing they know about fire is how to do stupid $H!T with it. Let’s show them you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Only customers over the age of 18 will be aloud to purchase the Whopper.
Must be 18 or older to enjoy. Content suitable for adults ages 18 and up. Now serving anyone 18 and up.