Publicidad en TV y cine, Digital English for Beginners Bardzo

English for Beginners

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Sector Las ventas en línea
Media Publicidad en TV y cine, Digital
Mercado Polonia
Agencia Bardzo
Art Director Wiktor Pietrzak
Copywriter Hubert Stadnicki, Ania Kowalczyk-Nowak
Service Cut Cut
Director Jesper Ericstam
Publicado octubre 2016


Epica Awards 2017
TV/Cinema, Film Copywriting & Storytelling Grand Prix
TV/Cinema, Film Copywriting & Storytelling Gold
TV/Cinema, Film Online & Mobile Services Gold
Digital Online & Viral Films Silver
Digital Online Campaigns – Consumer Services & Household Products Silver

Creditos y descripciones

Bardzo Sp. Z o.o./Warsaw has created this 'English for Beginners' spot for Allegro.
Media: TV
Category: Other
Client: Allegro
Agency: Bardzo Sp. Z o.o./Warsaw
Production: Cut Cut
Country: Poland
Director: jesper ericstam
Copywriter: Ania Kowalczyk-Nowak
Copywriter: Hubert Stadnicki
Art Director: Wiktor Pietrzak
DoP: Henrik Stenberg
Production Company: Stage
Warsaw / Cut Cut, Warsaw / Ztudio, Warsaw
Creative Director: Hubert Stadnicki (Bardzo)
Art Director: Wiktor Pietrzak (Bardzo)
Graphic Designer: Rafał Kuźma (Bardzo)
Copywriter: Ania Kowalczyk-Nowak (Bardzo)
ReachFacebook - film views 1 152 498You Tube – film views 13 894 372TV - 1048 GRP, reach 1+ 82%, reach 3+ 68%Cinema – reach: 969 202EngagementFB - shares: 13 930, comments 1,7kYT – shares: 125 44
comments 4 317ImpactUltra high level of Top Of Mind awareness in Poland and high levels of emotional attitude to the brand. From tracking research we see that this film is described as: Involving, distinctive, interesting and pleasant.Press mentions (all over the world) – ex. The Guardian, BBC, The Sun, Independent, The Telegraph, Time, Adweek, Huffington Post and polish press.Celebrities mentions (Nicki Minaj and polish celebrities).Milions of view and thousands of shares, likes and comments.Huge feedback from all over the world (China, Japan, Canada, New Zealand).People writing mails to the agency saying: "Thank you and congratulations".
ImplementationAiring of this film started on Facebook and YouTube with a long copy. Then 60" was aired on TV and in Cinemas.TimelineFacebook (180 sec) – published on 28th November 2016 (link: YouTube (180 sec) – published on 28th November 2016 (link: (60 sec) – 1st - 25th DecemberCinema 2nd -15th DecemberPlacement FB, YT, TV, CinemaScaleNumber of comments and publications about this film was enormous.We counted over 80 publications all over the world (among others: Huffington Post, Financial Times, Time, Buzzfeed, Adweek, Mashable, Daily Mail, Guardian and many many more).
The strategy of our whole campaign that “English” is a part of is to build the communication of Allegro not around its’ product features but on emotions it triggers. The product is always an essential starting point for the story but not its main character. The main aspect is always how people feel thanks to the product, how they use it to share their feelings with others. The “English” ad we build on a very specific, culturally relevant and emotionally involving insight. We realized that as tens of thousands of young Poles migrated to the UK in last couple of years millions of people in Poland, mainly parents and grandparents will miss someone by their Christmas table. Therefore we decided to tell a story not involving a Santa Claus or a beautifully decorated Christmas tree but about what people do to be with the ones they love.
Campaign Description:
A story of an older man who makes an effort to learn English in order to be able to communicate with his granddaughter who lives in England.Our ad refers to many Poles’ lives as many people have recently left the country to look for jobs. Many of them left for Great Britain and their families split. Some of the emigrants started their families there.
Why is this work relevant for Entertainment Lions?From time to time an ad goes beyond promoting a product, brand or a service. It achieves something more than increases the sales, traffic, brand recognition or other essential KPIs. It gets people talking! Just like a good movie that stays with you long after you leave the theatre. “English” had that impact on people on international scale. Hundreds of elements that told the story, the combination of big things and small things got people so emotionally involved that everyone had to share it or discuss it with others.
Allegro is biggest polish online shopping platform. The successful 2015 Christmas campaign made by us for the same Client changed the way Polish advertising agencies and marketeers had perceived Christmas ads. We knew that more brands will be willing to invest in emotional advertising around that period of time to get consumers attention. The bar had been risen higher than ever not only by the industry but also by the Client. The brief was “simple” – create an emotional story that would stand out from the holiday clutter. Aim for world class quality with universal (which means also Polish) insight. The brief was very much open. We were supposed to create a communication platform, that is on one side emotional but on the other side it of course must be about Allegro and should be distinctive. Thanks to many discussions with the client and to their