Ceska Pojistovna Publicidad en TV y cine, Digital Parrot Y&R Prague


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Sector Seguros
Media Publicidad en TV y cine, Digital
Mercado República Checa
Agencia Y&R Prague
Executive Creative Director Tereza Sverakova
Creative Director Dora Pruzincova, Martins Lauar Atila
Art Director Eve Kemanes, Marcos Campos
Copywriter Dora Pruzincova, Jiri Kirchner
Publicado abril 2017

Creditos y descripciones

Category: Insurance
Country: Czech Rrepublic
Client: Ceska Pojistovna
Agency: Young & Rubicam Prague
Regional Chief Creative Officer: Jaime Mandelbaum
Executive Creative Director: Tereza Sverakova
Creative Director: Dora Pruzincova, Atila Martins
Art Director: Eve Kemanes, Marcos Campos
Copywriter: Dora Pruzincova, Jiri Kirchner
Account Director: Patricie Halkova
Account Manager: Marketa Petruzelkova
Agency Producer: Jana Brozkova
Director: Carlos Baer
Digital Project Leader: Dan Kotlaba
Young & Rubicam Prague enlists the help of a parrot in its latest campaign
Young & Rubicam Prague took the unusual step of enlisting the help of an African Grey parrot in its latest campaign for Ceska Pojistovna, the largest insurance company in the Czech marketplace.
The African Grey parrot was trained by a specialist with experience coaching animals for Hollywood blockbusters as Bourne Supremacy (2004) and The Illusionist (2006). The parrot, named Carl, was taught to say “Pet Insurance”, thereby enabling him to take up his job in sales.
After three months of daily practice, he was ready to show off his newly acquired skill all over the country. So the company took him on a tour around major pet stores to recommend pet insurance to people shopping there. After all, what could be more convincing than hearing about the importance of pet insurance straight from a pet?
Carl’s office was a custom-made cage with a built-in tablet and a pre-loaded landing page that prompted visitors to buy the insurance. His unexpected shouts turned the heads of the pet store customers and turned many of them into pet insurance buyers.