Kinetic Engineering Publicidad en TV y cine, Digital Zinegapore Kinetic Singapore


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Sector Publicidad y comunicaciones
Media Publicidad en TV y cine, Digital
Mercado Singapur
Agencia Kinetic Singapore
Art Director Gian Jonathan, Clay Kuok
Copywriter Catherine Phua
Publicado enero 2016


D&AD Awards, 2016
Art Direction Art Direction for Mobile Marketing Graphite Pencil
Crafts for Design Animation & Illustration for Websites & Digital Design Wood Pencil
Writing for Design Writing for Apps & Digital Design Wood Pencil

Creditos y descripciones

Agency: Kinetic
Client: Kinetic Singapore
Animator Astri Nursalim Sean Tan
Art Director Gian JonathanClay Kuok
Pann Lim Astri Nursalim Leng SohSean Tan Sean Tiang
Associate Creative Director Gian Jonathan
Copywriter Seth Han Elliot Townson
Creative Director Pann LIm
Creative Technologist Noel Chan Hon Tat Ong
Design Director Gian Jonathan
Designer Clay Kuok Astri Nursalim Leng Soh Sean Tiang
Digital Designer Sean Tan
Illustrator Carmen Chen
Senior Copywriter Catherine Phua
Creative Agency Kinetic Singapore
Account Director Steven Ng
Account Executive Derek Tay
ZINEGAPORE is an irreverent, alternative guide to Singapore that takes the form of an interactive e-zine for iPad. Others know Singapore as a model of efficiency and economic accomplishments — but we think the real Singapore lies in the little everyday things and norms, our funny quirks, our warts and all. And it is these that readers get to discover in ZINEGAPORE. Steering away from the straight and conventional, ZINEGAPORE offers insights into local cultures, practices and lingos in a wacky, cheeky manner that is not afraid to poke fun at ourselves.