Life's Adventure Betc Shopper para Leroy Merlin

Life's Adventure

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Sector Centros comerciales
Media Publicidad en TV y cine
Mercado Francia
Agencia Betc Shopper
Chief Creative Officer Stephane Xiberras
Executive Creative Director Olivier Apers
Creative Viken Guzel, Jean-Marie Gateau
Agencia de production La PAC
Director Reynald Gresset
Publicado marzo 2017


Kinsale Shark Awards 2017
Film Craft International Film Craft - Tv/Online Or Cinema: Best Cinematography Bronze

Creditos y descripciones

Alternative Title: The adventure of a lifetime
Category: Professional Services
Brand: Leroy Merlin
Media: Film
Country: France
Advertising Agency: Betc Shopper, France
Advertising Agency: Betc, Paris / Betc Shopper, Paris
Production Company: La PAC
Agency Network: Havas Worldwide
Music Creative Director: Christophe Caurret (Betc)
Chief Creative Officer: Stephane Xiberras (Betc)
Executive Creative Director: Olivier Apers (Betc)
Agency Management: Carole Penillard (Betc)
Agency Management: Nathalie Jacquier (Betc)
Agency Management: Sarah Guilloteau (Betc)
Brand Manager: Agathe Ruckebusch (Leroy Merlin)
Brand Manager: Erwan Soquet (Leroy Merlin)
Brand Manager: Muriel Croisile (Leroy Merlin)
Art Director: Viken Guzel (Betc)
Copywriter: Jean Marie Gateau (Betc)
Traffic Manager: Stéphanie Renoir-Mousli, Christine Eon (Betc)
Strategic Planner: Etienne Delaharpe (Betc)
Agency Producer: David Green (Betc)
Director: Reynald Gresset (/)
Director Of Photography: Matias Boucard (/)
Editor: Stéphane Pereira (/)
Grading Artist: Bertrand Duval (/)
Flame Artists: Bruno Maillard, Alexis Bailla (/)
Motion Design: Marie Baillot, Clément Hedouin (/)
Producer: Jérome Denis (/)
Production Manager: Louis Saint-Calbre (/)
Production Designer: Ninon De Klerck (/)
Date: March, 2017
This film depicts the life project of a couple through the renovation of their house. The film shows the ebb and flow of the project, the doubts, the successes until the final achievement at the end of the adventure and the pride that comes with it.
Discover the adventure of a lifetime, a tribute to all those who dare to launch themselves and take their home project away.
BETC Shopper has released this spectacular spot for home improvement store Leroy Merlin. We’ve put a freaking house on water. Talk about a feat. The short film shows a house sailing on water to illustrate the phases that a couple goes through when renovating its home.The poetic ad is brought to life by a rendition of Sail , originally sung by Rod Stewart. The production of this commercial was epic as we had to shoot the scenes three times: first on dry land, another time on a moving set and then finally on water. This grandiose shoot, that took place during seven days in South Africa, was completed using divers, drones and helicopters to capture beautiful images, amazing landscapes and raw emotions.