Skoda Publicidad en TV y cine, Digital TOUR DU SOFA [Video] Achtung! Amsterdam


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Sector Coches
Media Publicidad en TV y cine, Digital
Mercado Países Bajos
Agencia Achtung! Amsterdam
Publicado mayo 2013


Cannes Lions 2013
Mobile Lions Games; Media, Entertainment and Leisure Bronze

Creditos y descripciones

Type of entry: Games
Category: Media, Entertainment and Leisure
Advertiser: SKODA
Product/Service: SKODA
Concept: Achtung! (Achtung!)
Design: (Achtung!)
Copy: (Achtung!)
Illustrations: Tjeerd Broere (Shop Around)
Technical Development: (B-Lex)
Sound Development: (Big Orange)
Brief Explanation

Since 2004, SKODA is proud main sponsor of the Tour de France. Many fans enjoy the biggest cycle event of the year, but not all stages are that exciting. Therefore, we created Le Tour du Sofa: a real-time second screen game that allowed anybody to join the peloton. Cycling expert or not.
In Tour du Sofa, participants predicted scores for climbs and sprints during specific stages and were tested on their knowledge using trivia-questions. Next to that, real-life cycling events like car-slipstreams were converted into mini-games, through which gamer could earn bonus points.

Serving as a campaign kick-off, the partnering TV talk-show 'Tour du Jour' broadcaster bumpers of the game, featuring well known cyclists playing Le Tour du Sofa among each other. Parallel we launched the campaign for our fans on Facebook and Twitter, providing them first glimpses of the game. A week before Le Tour, the app was also released for iOS and Google Play.
Through the game, daily winners were invited to the partnering TV talk show 'Tour du Jour'. Having the famous hosts of this show also participating in the daily game, resulted in lively discussions about the game pushing the popularity of the game even more.

Le Tour du Sofa turned out to be an addictive game for over 24.000 participants, playing for a slamming 48 minutes on average per stage. During the stages, gamer were highly engaged: they participated with with 90% of all the predictions, cheats, and bonus questions. Research showed that out of the participating non-SKODA drivers, 30% considered buying a SKODA as their next car. Given 5% market-share in Holland, Le Tour du Sofa turned out to have huge impact on the brand preference.